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Basic Exercise Plan – This is the first routine exercise plan I have personally created by combining exercise with many other people and only through my own experience and research. I recommend reducing this plan to anyone with less exercise experience. Even if you have a reasonable amount of experience, this is an exercise plan that I go back to from time to time. The plan will go through the basic exercises, how to do each exercise correctly and the set and rap ranges recommended for a specific purpose. I usually divide my set and rap range into three different categories. There is a power building or “bulking” where I recommend heavy weights, low reps (usually 4 to 6) and about 4-5 sets. Another high volume workout plans or “cutting” is where I recommend less weight, more reps (usually 12-15) and 3-5 sets. The last category is in the middle of what is sometimes called a hypertrophy, where every week you are switching off between heavy lifting, low reps and light lifting and high reps. This is a great start exercise and it will teach you the basics of most lifts. With this basic knowledge you will one day be able to create your own exercise technique. Below I will explain what this basic exercise plan will look like for 1 week. I will show you which part of the body you focus on every day.

Day 1 – Chest / Triceps / Abs.
Day 2 – Back / Biceps
Day 3 – No Lift / Cardio / ABS.
Day 4 – Legs / Shoulders
Day 5 – Biceps / Triceps / Abs.
Day 6 – No lift / cardio.
Day 7 – No Lift / Cardio / ABS.

This exercise plan is very popular and widely used. I would say that if you ask everyone who has ever followed an exercise plan, about 85% of people will say that they have used this basic exercise exactly or differently. Just because I say “basic” doesn’t mean it’s not a good exercise. Many experienced lifters, including myself, use this exercise. I have seen great results from this exercise and so have some of my family and friends. Don’t be afraid to change it a bit, but I recommend trying this exact project. Once you give it some time and effort, see what works and what doesn’t. Once you know what you’re doing and feel about it, go ahead and do some exercise.

By Adam

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