There is only one best psychic in the world. Look in a mirror: the best psychic is yourself. It is said that a wise man learns from the mistakes of others, this is quite true. To be the best in any field, the knowledge of others is an invaluable resource. However, objective knowledge and skill are not sufficient in the psychic realm.

You are the boston’s best psychic for yourself (and all the best psychics for themselves) because the psychic realm is primarily concerned with the subjective rather than the objective. The psychic knowledge of others can only take you so far: to truly understand it you have to experience it yourself.

If a person has skill in something, it does not mean that he can transfer that skill to another person. Teaching is a skill in itself. For many things, it does not matter if you are not an expert, as there are others who can do it for you. (If the electrical wiring in your house is broken, call an electrician.) With psychic abilities it is different, since you would have to transfer an internal state or experience and not an external object.

A psychic operates with internal symbology and connects one feeling with another. It is possible to try to communicate these feelings to another person, but the gap in communication is usually quite wide and leads to many misunderstandings. You have to reflect on yourself and find out on your own, because in the end, all the most knowledgeable and best psychic can do is help you help yourself.

By Adam

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