Artificial intelligence is sweeping the globe, and everybody is glad to have it in their products. An app is software that runs on a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android to perform tasks such as navigation, e-mail management, etc. According to a very famous tech company, the app store has had more than 140 billion downloads to date. As a result, the options for developing applications for businesses are limitless, and they may prove to be a godsend to them, especially if they don’t have a website! Create an App has it’s own reasons:


  1. Instant Communication with Customers

Today, if one wants their customers to know about anything, including news, offers, promotions, etc., they need an effective way to communicate with them instantly without spending too much time or money. An app can be created precisely for that purpose and because people these days tend to use mobile phones only. This will keep their customers updated, and they can even give feedback instantly.


  1. Go Mobile, Go Global!

Having an app is the best way to make their business go global in no time. One doesn’t need to spend thousands of rupees on creating a website when they have an app that will work for them! It not only has greater chances of getting downloaded but may also be used by multiple users at the same time if it is applicable like in case of games. Moreover, one can send alerts and updates related to their business directly to the phone of any customer who has installed their app; imagine how efficient this will turn out to be!


  1. Promotes Instant Connectivity with Customers

This is the age of social media; people are always on their toes when it comes to checking updates and uploading something about themselves that they think will get more likes/shares. So one can create an app like this to promote instant connectivity with their customers using social media apps like fb, twitter etc. There is no need for one to keep updating things through these platforms since their customers have already installed their app. This way, one can give them time to concentrate on what they do best instead of wasting time by constantly posting stuff online all the time!


  1. Boosts Sales

As mentioned earlier, if done, apps can boost sales significantly. It will at least give one a chance to acquire more and more customers and promote their business efficiently. They can even optimize certain features like push notifications, coupons, discounts etc., according to the regions where their business is performing well to encourage growth.


  1. Better Customer Service

This has been one of the biggest reasons why businesses today are switching over to apps. They offer better security than websites since it can be accessed only through an app password or a fingerprint scan, depending on whether they have any or not! This improves customer service by a massive margin as they do not have to wait for hours just so that their complaints may reach them! An app can let them know about their issues immediately and even provide a quick fix if they have that feature too! It also makes it easy for one to handle several customers simultaneously, which will result in better customer satisfaction.


  1. Brand Identity a Marketing

Most probably one’s business always has a competition and another app can be an efficient way of marketing your product. One can offer coupons, discounts, etc. as soon as people download it, they have more clicks on the ad being displayed on the app, which eventually converts into chances of sale! In addition to this, they can even use push notifications to let them know about any news or update relatedon to their business so that they never miss out anything important just because they were not there to check their phones all the time! This will boost brand image as well. The presence of an app also makes it easier for them to understand their customers’ behaviour to use it as a feedback tool.


  1. App is a 24/7 Marketing Tool

Like a website, an app is also used by businesses for marketing their products and services, especially where they have collaborated with some other company to target more customers from different parts of the world. In addition to this, several features can let others know about one’s business, such as ad banners, etc.


  1. Extra Benefits for Customers

Customers always love it when they feel special as compared to others and this is why businesses today offer special discounts, offers etc. as an additional benefit for their customers. Apps offer the same advantage too since one can also let them know about any other offers, deals, or vouchers they may receive if they install their app! This way, there are more chances of brand recognition by new users who have not even heard of their business before!


  1. Easy to Use

The best part about using apps nowadays is that people are getting used to it every day with time so the whole ordeal feels less daunting than before, especially to those who are not tech-savvy at all! Hence, creating an app will be great because it is easy to use and provides a great user experience! In addition, there are several features one can add, such as customizing it according to the location of your business so that people can easily find their way. Overall, there are several benefits of creating an app for their business depending on what they want and their target audience.


  1. Affordable

Since it can be used just like a website, creating an app is not that expensive. Yes, there are some fees associated with owning an app but you do not have to update it every now and then which saves you money in the long run! Mobile apps are usually small so they will occupy space only on the device without any effect on system resources unlike games or software applications. They also offer several features for free such as push notifications and sharing images etc.


In conclusion, businesses can use apps to promote their business by creating an app from a company like Intelikart that offers more chances of customer service and brand recognition among new users.


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