Products that enhance facial features like eyeliners are vastly popular. As there is not much diversity in the features or quality of these beauty items, making a statement becomes challenging. Custom Printed Eyeliner boxes are spot on to create a stand-out impact on the retail shelves with their stunning designs. Astonishing use of custom options like cutout windows, foiling, and embossing make them an instant source to hook attention. Their vitality in prolonging the shelf life is enormous as well. No other packaging can beat them on the practicality front as they are so easy to use and dispense the items.

Smoother Surface

You may have come across the customary packaging solution that is generally made from plastic. Putting your hands on such boxes is enough to understand that they have an uneven texture. That is not the case with eyeliner boxes. They are made from cardboard variants that are known for their smooth, even and fine texture. They have no watermarks or any sort of ribbed detailing that causes unevenness in the texture. Such an amazing texture enables these boxes to support various kinds of printing options. They absorb, retain, and distribute the printing inks well all over their surface. The result is that we see highly finished packaging even if there is too much detailing.

Amazing Strength

Strong packaging of the product is vital to ensure an error-free or damage-free delivery. If any aspect of an eyeliner gets maligned, it is such a waste that your brand will not earn a single cent for it. The eyeliner box is the key to proffer the needed security from all adverse impacts. To know their ability in a comprehensive manner, you need to go back to their making process. The material that is usually favored in their making is cardboard. It has an arched design of interior fluting. This design lends the necessary strength and stability to the box to perform well under risky loads. The fluting is done vertically so as to ensure that interior cardboard sheets form air columns to withstand hard weights.

Stylish Impact

Eyeliner products have a great variety; some of them are in liquid form while others are gel-like. All these varieties need to be packed differently so as to remove any sort of similarity in the product presentation. The plus point of eyeliner packages is that you can have them in a variety of styles like four corner trays, sleeve boxes, etc. Packaging that is premade loses its charm soon because the clients are fed up with seeing it numerous times. With eyeliner packages, you can create your own style like die-cut windows. Such convincing styles show the product in an appealing manner and shape positive perceptions in the crowd.

Inexpensive Branding

All the beauty brands need to increase their market recall so as to get their hands on a greater chunk of the market share. TV commercials and social media ads are a profound way to advertise themselves, but they cost heavily. The cost is so much that many of them, especially the startups cannot afford it. Eyeliner packages offer an inexpensive branding chance to easily convey brand information. With them, you have the liberty to print your distinct logo and firm name without exceeding your budget expectations. The printing of such visual elements does not put a strain on your budget and promotes a word of mouth about you.

Insulating Property

Air is perhaps the most damaging element that causes the eyeliners to lose their functionality. When it is in direct contact with the eyeliners, their quality suffers a lot. The eyeliner packages with their arched design of interior fluting have some insulating properties. These qualities help to deter the air by stopping it from entering inside. Actually, it is the flutes that trap the air between the upper and lower layers of cardboard. They can keep the air trapped for so long so as to prevent it from getting access to the packed products.

Profound Sustainability

Wild use of natural resources in the beauty industry is causing a swift rise in waste levels. This thing concerns the clients more than anything because they are vocal about leading a healthy life. The eyeliner packages are an ideal remedy to control the rising waste levels and pollution. Their cardboard construction comprises 43% use of recycled fiber. The interesting thing is that the same used boxes can be converted into new ones. That comes at no extra loss in their quality or protection powers. So, they are a fine way to conserve natural resources and decrease the carbon emissions of your brand.

The use of eyeliner boxes is inevitable for brands eyeing to make a difference with their products. Having exclusive features like flexibility, strength, and aesthetic appeal, they do not make it hard for you to shine in the market.

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