When you use bath bomb boxes, bath bombs are tucked away inside a sealed plastic bag. When you add water to the bath and drop it in your bath bomb box of choice. It will release its fragrance and fizziness into the bathwater. This blog post is going to share some fun facts about bath bomb boxes we bet most people don’t know.

There are some bath bombs that do not have a custom bath bomb box. And instead comes in a small bag that can be composted.

The bath bomb boxes wholesale serve as protection for the bath bombs once they are made. They’re added into their own little bath bomb boxes before shipping them to stores. So when you purchase your bath bombs from Lush you don’t have to worry about getting home only to discover they’re all broken.

Lush bath bombs are handmade, so custom bath bomb boxes certainly add a lot of convenience to that process. We love bath bombs just much as you do. And we want them to arrive at your doorstep in pristine condition. Without any cracks or chips from dropping onto the floor while being moved around by postal workers.

Bath bomb boxes wholesale also help bath bombs retain their fizziness.

Making Your Boxes Stand Out with Simple Tweaks

The boxes in your store are often the first things people see when they walk through the door. And they should have vibrant appeal to attract customers. There are a few simple tweaks that can make your packaging more appealing, including using white ink for text instead of black. White ink makes the text stand out against dark backgrounds, which is perfect for eye-catching displays.

Another way to make your boxes stand out is by using matte or glossy finishes. Advertisers love a gloss finish because it draws the customer’s eye and makes the product look more appealing. Matte packaging has a less expensive appearance that works well for bath bombs and other products with different shapes and sizes.

How to Put Customers in the Right Mood with Boxes

We all know that bath bombs are great for making bath time more fun and adding some aromatherapy to the mix. But did you know bath bomb boxes can also help customers relax before they even take a bath?

Put bath bomb boxes in rooms where people are likely to have a bath, such as bathrooms or bedrooms. This way, the bath bombs can be an integral part of your customers’ pre-bath ritual without them even realizing it. If you don’t want to put them on display like that, then putting some bath bomb boxes wholesale around is still a great idea. For example, you can place bath bomb boxes in your foyer or living room because these are common places for people to relax and get ready before bath time too.

This is a great way to add some mood lighting with the bath bombs–it’ll be like there’s always a little bit of home spa going on anywhere that bath bomb boxes are just waiting for someone to come relax.

bath bomb boxes

How to Put Customers in the Right Mood with Bath Bomb Boxes so They Know Just What to Do

Who doesn’t love bath bombs? They’re a great way to relieve stress and put yourself in the right mood for an evening of relaxation. But bath bomb boxes wholesale can be tricky to open, so we have some tips on how you can get the best bath experience while also being able to enjoy your bath bomb box.

First, you need to find custom bath bomb boxes that are easy to open. Some bath bombs come in cardboard packaging which is much easier than harder plastics or metal containers. If your bath bomb package has a lid attached by glue, it’s likely the only way to get into the product is through brute force and risk damaging it. If you want to have that bath bomb experience repeatedly. Look for bath bombs packages, cardboard boxes that are easy enough to open without destroying the product.

Second, custom bath bomb boxes are a great way to get creative with your bath time. You can add some of the bath water to make a nice warm bath full of bubbles and essential oils while leaving the rest in the box until you’re ready for it. That gives you plenty of time for relaxation without feeling rushed or stressed out from trying to open bath bomb boxes.

Third, bath bombs make a great gift for your friends and family. It’s the perfect way to relax together or promote self-care in an affordable and thoughtful way. If you want other people to enjoy bath bombs as much as you do. Look for bath bomb packaging that isn’t too difficult because they aren’t bath bomb boxes wholesale you can open on your own.

Infused with Essential Oils

Custom Bath bomb boxes are a bath time essential these days, and they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for something small enough to fit in your purse or large enough to store on your bathroom counter, bath bomb boxes have got you covered. If the bath is not the only thing that needs some pampering this day, bath bomb boxes also come with an array of scented oils. From lavender to gingerbread spice, there’s something for everyone.

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