It has been several years since we humans started experimenting with seeds. This seemed likely a particularly important because the majority of industrial revolutions in agriculture were geared towards improving food production. Then came the idea of developing seeds that when planted can guarantee maximum yield in the right climatic conditions. This prospect was successful and has since been applied in other sectors of agriculture such as in the cultivation and growing of hemp. Nowadays, many of the good seeds are store in seed banks located in the USA and are then distributed to farmers and willing buyers who want to cultivate the crop.

In this article, we will explore one of the seed variants that has been receiving a lot of attention lately – the GG4 autoflower seeds.

What is the GG4 autoflower seeds?

GG4 is actually and acronym and it stands for Gorilla Glue 4. This autoflower is a glorious result that has been obtained by crossing the GG4 strain and another equally better product, the ruderalis cultivar. The original GG4 strain is considered and indica-dominant variety and thus it benefits are more inclined towards what you can expect from an indica. The GG4 autoflower has characteristic trichomes that are super sticky. The plat is fast flowering and has enough cannabinoids to give you an all time high that is incomparable to the majority of similar products in the market.

GG4 has the best autoflower seed

An analysis of the GG4 autoflower seeds reveal that they are some of the best seeds you can find in the market today. They not only grow faster; they also flower rapidly. The overall yield is also relatively high when you compare it with other indica dominant species. Not only so, the GG4 autoflower seeds exhibits some level of resilience to the external environment and can remain viable for a relatively longer period.

It takes a very short time for the seeds to flower

When you buy GG4 autoflower seeds from the seed banks located in the USA, you will plant and only wait for a few weeks. The usual flowering time is between 8 and 9 weeks and the plant can yield about 21 ounces per plant – a significant amount for the species.


Try the GG4 autoflower seeds when you want to get higher returns from indica-dominant seeds bought from seed banks located in the United States.

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