YouTube is a rich source of videos, especially music videos. You will need an MP3 converter or YouTube downloader to download to extract music files. You can save your music files to a USB drive or computer. If you have a YouTube video that you want to transfer to a USB device, you must first capture the video and convert it on your computer. You can then use a USB cable to transfer the captured video files to your device.


Step 1


Log in to YouTube and find the video you want to separate. Copy the URL of the video and visit a website like Youtube to MP3 in a new browser. Paste the URL of the video into the Paste Link Here field and make sure the field below points to .mp3. All of these sites work exactly the same, allow them to take YouTube videos, then hit start.


Step 2

Click the option to download the video from the website.


Step 3

Click the Download button. After a while, the link will appear. Click this link to download a YouTube video.


Step 4

Connect your USB device to your computer  YouTube to mp3 converter. When it automatically appears on your computer screen, click the “Open” option. Open the default Downloads folder. Click and drag the YouTube file from your computer to a folder on your USB device.


Transferring music stored on your computer to a USB flash drive should be relatively easy. As long as you know where your music is stored on your computer, it would be a simple case of copying and pasting music files once connected to a USB drive.


If you are using a Windows PC, you can:


Connect the USB flash drive to one of the empty USB ports on your computer.


Open Windows Explorer. The USB drive should appear as drive E in My Computer. It may be called a removable drive, or you may have already given it a different name.

The USB drive should appear as drive E in My Computer.


Open another Windows Explorer window and select the location where all the music files on the computer you want to transfer are stored.

Right-click on the desired music/video file and select “Copy”.

Go back to the window containing the USB drive and select “Paste”.

Repeat these steps until all the music you want to transfer is in a folder on the USB flash drive.

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