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Ethics paper not only judges the analytical capability of yours but the wisdom, values and moral conception of the aspirants.
It also checks how the aspirants presents themselves in front of the examiner as an individual who is committed to personal and professional values.

In this paper aspirants can fetch good marks even by doing the less work, but what is needed is conceptual clarity. More than mugging up the things, it is the art of answer writing in ethics for upsc that matters the most. So, the most important point is how to prepare? So, let’s peep into that….

How and what to study?

Ethics paper has two parts:

  • Part A, which is Theory
  • Part B, It is Application in the form of case studies.

Part 1 Theory:

  • Most important point in the preparation is go through the syllabus for that area and acquire a correct conceptual understanding of the terms and concepts.
  • Try to note down the real-life examples and made notes of the good examples from the newspaper.
  • One of the important thing is supplement your class notes (I have taken classes from EDEN IAS, worth try) with additional, reliable texts such as the 4thReport of the Second ARC, Patrick Sheeran’s Book, the Nolan Committee etc.
  • Make list of great people (Gandhi, Lincoln, Kalam etc.) quotes with anecdotes from their lives. This will help in exemplify the values. (Eden IAS 70 Thinkers 70 Thoughts good compilation, as was the student so I had, you can also purchase it from market)


  • Begin by getting a compilation of solved and unsolved case studies.

(I would recommend Eden IAS  UPSC MAINS REVISION COURSE 2021)

  • go through some SOLVED case studies.


  • ARC 4th report
  • Ethics in Public Administration – Patrick Sheeran
  • Ethics by some D. Subbarao (I don’t remember the exact name) : Not much useful but covers almost all topics
  • NCERT Psychology book Class XI & XII : Selected chapters.
  • Citizen Centric Administration – ARC Report
  • Good Governance (2013), Inclusive Governance (2013), Reforms in Public Administration (2014) Yojana issues.

*** Eden IAS Ethics Integrity & Aptitude- The Theoretical Framework

*** Eden IAS Ethics Case Study Workbook

*** Eden IAS Glossary of Ethics Terminology


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