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1. Joomla is a free product

An important factor when choosing a content management system for creating your own website is the cost of the engine. Today there are at least a few decent CMS that are free and one of the best is without a doubt Joomla. This fact makes this management system attractive for small and medium-sized businesses, for enthusiastic people who are going to create their first website, for whom it is undesirable to pour huge budgets into creating their own resource.

Benefits of CMS Joomla

2. Customization availability

Joomla is a kind of unique and indispensable product for creating quality websites at a high professional level. There are also quite a few templates on the Internet that are also distributed absolutely free of charge, but you shouldn’t forget about available solutions for reasonable money either. In addition, hundreds of videos, podcasts, books and lessons have already been written that will help a novice developer get used to this CMS and start his professional path. We will not ignore the fact that an impressive number of hosting providers actively cooperate with Joomla and allow you to install this system on their servers without any problems in a few mouse clicks.

3. Open source

Joomla is not only a free, freely distributed product, but also has an open source code, which allows everyone to make those changes to the engine that seem necessary to the developer, because this system does not include components that are closed from the user. All in all, this advantage makes Joomla a very flexible, customizable tool in the hands of an experienced developer.

4. A very impressive selection of additional extensions

Joomla was released in 2005 and since then it has not lost its popularity, and as a result it has acquired a huge number of add-ons and extensions made at a high professional level, many of which are also available to the average user absolutely free of charge. By the way, it should be mentioned that some of these solutions are of a very serious nature, they include components of online stores, with the integration of payment systems. The abundance of additions to the Joomla engine provides an opportunity even for a novice specialist to implement non-trivial projects, while not having in-depth knowledge of programming. And an experienced developer, in turn, can add code and customize the application for himself.

5. Accessibility in administration

Let’s not forget that the creation of a site, even with the help of such convenient tools as Joomla and components for it, is still a process that requires some professional inclinations from a person, as well as a certain amount of initial knowledge. Most people are not keen on web development and these qualities, and they do not possess skills, but at the same time, the very work of an administrator in managing content is available to almost any user, because the administration panel interface is very human-friendly, and the built-in text editor greatly simplifies the process of creating and editing internal materials.

6. A huge number of additional modules and extensions for this CMS

Joomla is available in many languages ​​around the world, including the most popular modules. Almost the entire system has been translated into English

7. High frequency of system updates and creation of new modules

CMS Joomla has a continuous development, like any other program. Updates appear very often for CMS Joomla. With each update, improvements in functionality are added to the system, as well as increased security. A lot of attention is paid to security, since the hacking of well-known systems for site management is much higher than that of self-written software products.

8. You can easily find any help with problems encountered when using Joomla

There are a huge number of support sites and a variety of blogs to help with any problem, including English-speaking ones. CMS Joomla has an incredible number of fans all over the world. You can also master this system thanks to the huge volume of video tutorials from advanced users.

9. Suitable hosting for CMS Joomla

Finding a suitable hosting will not be difficult for you, because a large number of hosting will suit Joomla. In the personal accounts of many hosting services, you can find pre-installed systems that may include Joomla. Installation will take a few seconds and CMS Joomla will be completely ready to work.

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