What’s up with the stock market news today? It seems like every time you have an idea of ​​what the market should do next, great news pops up and you pull your thesis out of the water. The volatility caused by today’s stock market news has staggered many investors, wondering whether they can truly invest profitably in this market.

On the flip side of the volatility that the news has caused in this market, there is an entirely different sphere of investors and traders who make money from the big swings in individual stocks. How have they been able to be so successful and know when to get in and out of their stocks when average investors are being killed?

After learning a good part of my career in stocks from the pros, I’ve learned that the pros who make money in the stock market day in and day out don’t base their trades on what the news implies. They don’t waste time reacting to what has already happened and stressing what the next earnings report will be or when the next government bailout will hit the kiosks Breda News Today.

Instead, professionals are confident that stock price movements and underlying signals in the market will let them know what will happen long before the news hits the market. In fact, professionals often rely so heavily on their signals and systems that they learn they don’t need to watch the stock market news at all. Their freedom from CNBC and online stock exchanges allows them to leave the stressful market volatility behind while reaping its rewards.

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