Survival knives come in many brands and shapes for outdoor adventure. These sports knives can range from small pocket knives for hunting, fishing, backpacking and camping to large fixed blade combat knives. Determining which external knife to buy depends on what kind of work will be done with the knife.

Famous hunting knives will include book-made knives. The organization has mastered the art of making knives for skinning and field dressing for both small and large sports. My personal favorites are Fixed Blade Book Alpha Hunter and Book Folding Hunter.

Victorinox and Wenger’s Swiss Army knives are ideal for backpacking and camping. In addition to the standard blade feature for cutting, these knives can also be purchased from a variety of tools that come in handy in a variety of camping situations knife customization. These tools can include a selection of bottle and can openers, screw drivers, cork screws, scissors, tweezers and even plastic teeth. The design, function and reliability standards are almost equal between the two brands so deciding which one is right for you is just a matter of which brand name you prefer.

Founded by family owners and people who actually use these knives, Falconwein Knives is one of Sweden’s leading knife experts who makes the best camping, hunting and survival knives in the world.

These knives have been designed and manufactured with over 25 years of personal experience.

SOG Tactical Knives are known all over the world. Their uncompromising style and performance make these knives the best choice for hunters, fishermen, survivors and outdoor fans. These are no nonsense fixed blades and folding blades are outdoor survival knives designed to handle anything you may encounter outside or in a survival situation. These knives will perform a variety of tasks, are easy to carry, and will perform in a wide range of environments.

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