The construction of levees is accelerating rapidly as residential and commercial owners seek solutions to prevent erosion of their property. As environmental awareness grows, beachfront property owners are becoming more and more informed about the effects of erosion, as it has a direct implication on the property’s value.

The seawalls are intended to provide shoreline defense to reduce the effects of strong waves, while preserving property retention. Coastal erosion is a frequent problem among coastal properties seen throughout southeast Michigan due to the large number of lakes and rivers. Erosion can occur for a multitude of reasons, including general water movement, wake high, ice pressure, environmental factors, and material properties.

Todd’s Services (TSI) is superior in professional competence in marine construction , including seawall design and installation. Marine construction requires a thorough assessment of general site conditions, including preservation of habitat and environmental areas, proper drainage solutions, flood consideration, material selection, and safety.

TSI sales and field specialists work together to develop solutions based on the respective site conditions to ensure lasting resolutions. By working together, TSI ensures that a high quality product will be delivered to the customer.

At TSI, a selection of breakwater materials and services are available to meet the demands of a client’s project. For example, vertical, curved, and stepped levees can be designed to meet the needs of your project. We offer steel, vinyl and block walls. Or an environmentally friendly coastal solution is a natural rock dike, which helps preserve the ecosystem. The building materials used in the facility are free of polluting materials, metal waste products, debris and are concentrated in organic substances.

Rest assured, TSI will competently handle the Seawall project from initial design concepts, permitting requirements, installation, and quality assurance controls.

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