Everyone has their dreams and wishes. But its not possible that all your wishes do come true it depends on your luck. Those things which are better for you will be given to you.


Every person in this world is trying to get something that they always wished for. They work really hard to get that particular thing and if its meant to be theirs it will be. We pray to Allah to get that thing that we always wanted to have in our life.


Always work hard until those things which are luxuries for you become your belongings one day. That feeling is priceless when the thing you loved the most becomes yours forever. Okay so I wanna give you a protip by which you can get that thing that you always wished for.


But fact is fact if its meant to be then . Pray Tahajjud it will get you that thing InShaAllah. You should have to have that spirit to achieve your goals. Never work hard just for the sake of money.


When success kiss your feet then money will automatically comes to you in the same way. But if you work hard just for the money then you will never get success.


Failure is a first step towards success. All the successful people get rejected at the start of their journey than those rejections turn into success one day. You have to bear the rejection in order to own success.

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