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Tattoos have some wonderful designs, most of which come from the hand of a typically skilled artist, where they take their artistic form. Designs like that of Peacock can take hundreds of variations since he is a mythological figure.

There is a common theme when it comes to Peacock and you must try unique peacock tattoos.

There could be a connection to tattoos such as the old military brand BC, which similarly to Peacock itself means an evil sign. The BC marking was introduced by the British Army in the nineteenth century, where soldiers with an undesirable attitude had BC tattooed on their wrists.

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There are a number of such tattoos where the image is considered a symbolic sign rather than a work of art. One of these is the barbed wire or barbwire tattoo, which derives from the American wire fences of the Midwest used to demarcate lands in the eighteen hundreds.

For many groups in modern society, especially those who have been incarcerated by the state, the barbwire tattoo represents their place and, to some extent, their personal situation that life has brought them.

This type of tattoo is often worn on the upper or lower arm, better known as armbands. Another personal design used by groups is the biochemical mark, which expresses their feelings towards dangerous substances and creates a kind of brotherhood or bond between such individuals.


Sydney is a rich source of information on various artworks, and this is also true for tattoos, as the country has over a thousand years of history in this form of body art. A particularly popular motif in Sydney is that of the goddess Benten or Benzaiten. She is the only female deity among seven other male gods who together symbolize good fortune. Benten herself is said to represent wisdom, the sea, music, eloquence, art and love. She is often depicted together with snakes or riding dragons, which emphasize her beauty.

Birds regularly appear in a variety of backgrounds that create the celestial look that Benten is accustomed to. Bird tattoos are not only used to underline the main subject.

Often birds are used as the focal point, and with a huge catalog to choose from, they were and still are a trendy tattoo to have. In recent decades, the number of women getting tattoos of our feathered friend has greatly increased.

The most common species are swallows, swifts, house martins, eagles, hawks and even the peacock is occasionally chosen by some. Sparrows are usually used in conjunction with various foliage plants such as roses and thistles.

Black rose tattoos have been designed with birds, but most often this prickly plant is synonymous with death. Other meanings have been lost in the mists of time, but there are documents that suggest it was used as an emblem in battles between the English and Irish.


Besides birds, other artists have created wonderful tattoo motifs. It is worth mentioning Cricket and his tattoo of the Black Widow, which proves his artistic skill and imagination to give his own character to this eight-legged creature that can be deadly to most animals, including humans.

Their famous red markings on the glossy black surface are known worldwide, and of course their deterrent name, which comes from the female species known to kill and eat its male counterpart before or after sexual intercourse.

Tattoo artwork like the Black Widow seems to be a personal interaction for the wearer and is therefore uncommon in the mainstream of tattoo art. Various artists have turned the red mark on the black widow’s back into a drop of blood to make an already creepy insect even creepier.

Blood itself usually represents life, but can also be associated with pain and suffering. Many gangs have used a drop of blood to signify their affiliation with a particular group or gang.

Tattoos to identify members are not limited to today’s youth, but date back to ancient people and African tribes who still mark their skin. Modern military of numerous L

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