The choice of bulk oil distributors in South Africa is precise to ensure that the business is operational smoothly and efficiently. A wholesale lubricant dealer ensures that the oils would be supplied on time. They are also known to deliver industrial lubricants like metal working fluids, cutting fluids and a heavy duty lubricant.

An oil distributor is known to supply wholesale oil to the manufacturers of equipment, along with other business that is known to utilize industrial lubricants as part of their operations. Being a manufacturer you need to locate a reliable oil distributor as a slight mix up or lack of supply would lead to considerable losses. Most of the companies end up choosing a bulk lubricant distributor in South Africa so that they would supply them with the essential lubricants as per their needs. When you are choosing an oil lubricant distributor keep the following points in mind.

Experience and expertise

A quality lubricant distributor is not an average one. Rather they would be knowledge about the various types of lubricants along with their applications. Such a one size lubricant would be ideally suited for all your manufacturing equipment. Having an established oil lubricant distributor will give you an idea on the type of lubricant that you should choose. 

Various types of lubricants are there that your supplier may consider. An important aspect is viscosity index that 89% of the professionals consider before they are choosing a lubricant. They are the ones to guide on what elements of oil they need to prioritize where you need to obtain background information about the manufacturing process.


For instance if you happen to be from an automotive manufacturing plant, it is obvious that you may know a couple of other entrepreneurs in this line of business. As you may not be using the same form of equipment during the process of manufacturing, you could be at the liberty of using the same type of lubricant like your friends.


For an established oil distributor, they need to be well- organized and they should exceed the local standards. Firstly the warehouse needs to be big enough to handle the process  as the methods of storage should be significant. Sufficient degree of operation prevents any form of mistakes and accidents may occur in mixing up the orders of the clients. if a major portion of the business would be relying on industrial equipment, you would not want the orders to be mixed up as the warehouse is limited in size.

Your oil supplier needs to have the facility of storage along with proper transportation. A bulk storage enables a lubricant to be storing different types of oil like motor oil, gear oils and turbine oils. This will provide you with the confidence that you would not need extra lubricants as the oil distributor will be up to the mark.

If the oil lubricant is an established one you can check out their outlets in other cities.


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