Basic responsibilities of a business lawyer

A business operates in a dynamic and ever-changing environment. Consequently, it has to adapt to the changing environment to continue being in business. Changing environment here refers mainly to these 5 external factors: politics, economy, society, technology, and legal. The main job of a business lawyer is to provide legal guidance to a business regarding all the above-mentioned factors and more. In other words, keeping absurd legal consequences as far as possible from the company is the primary objective of business lawyers.

Right from the incorporation, business organizations need to comply with the laws of the location in which it operates. Even during the winding up of a company, business lawyers play an important part. Aside from these, their services help handle lawsuits, draft contracts, make new policies etc.

Here are some ways in which business lawyers can help your business: 

  1. Business transactions: Different businesses operate differently and hence their structure also needs to be different. Business lawyers can correctly reorganize or set up your business so that the risk is minimized and all business assets stay protected at all times. Duplooylaw’s business lawyers in Calgary provide swift consultation and necessary legal advice to complete the business transactions smoothly.
  1. Incorporation: There are many legal formalities that a new business needs to fulfil before they are good to go. Things such as sole proprietorship or partnership, number of people to involve, liability etc. are some of the key considerations for a small business. Business lawyers in Calgary look at your whole business plan, assess each alternative course of action carefully and then come up with a list of actionable suggestions for your business.
  1. Revivals, amendments, and restructuring: As mentioned above, businesses need to keep up with the changing environment. They do this by making changes to their existing rules, policies, articles, shareholdings etc. Business lawyers assist in these restructuring activities and ensure that your business stays relevant for a longer time.
  1. Mergers and acquisitions: It is one of the most prevalent ways companies grow. However, the process of merging or acquiring is very lengthy. Parties go through a lot of negotiations before anything is finalized and revealed to the stakeholders. Business lawyers play a key role in drafting the terms like profit sharing, liabilities, the name of the new company etc.
  1. Restructuring: Quite often when one or more partners leave or join the company, there is a need for restructuring. Duplooylaw’s business lawyers in Calgary assess the business and advice which structure would be the most beneficial for that particular business. They assess the limitations and upsides of each avenue and present it before the business so that the owners can make an informed decision.

Duplooylaw’s business lawyers in Calgary are known for their superior assistance to businesses. The business environment today is more dynamic than ever which is why more and more businesses are seeking the services of business lawyers. Duplooylaw has absorbed a large majority of this demand and has given excellent results. Business lawyers lay the base on which your company is built and hence their services are immensely valuable for business owners and stakeholders alike.

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