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CNC Plasma cutting is nothing but cutting metals via a computer-controlled plasma torch. Plasma cutters work when we force gas or compressed air through a nozzle at high speed. When an electric arc is introduced into the gas, the formation of ionized gas takes place. This is the fourth state of matter.

The price of CNC plasma cutters can vary in terms of prices, sizes, and functionalities.  

These machines cut metals at a good speed approximately up to 500 inches per minute. And, these are highly accurate and fast-cutting methods. They give you high-quality work and you will be on cloud nine with results. Plasma cutters need plasma gas and an auxiliary gas to function properly. Moreover, when it comes to machines, the most important factor are space and safety. And, plasma cutters take up a large amount of space and need a well-ventilated area ensuring safe control.

Benefits of Plasma Cutting Machine


CNC plasma machine is of versatile nature and it is one of the best advantages as it can cut thin and thick both materials efficiently. It is majorly used to cut a wide range of metals like:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel

Apart from cutting, it is also used in varieties of things and industries improving seed production and reducing costs.

Easy to use

CNC plasma machine is easy to operate and need minimal training programs to learn. This further directly reduces the onboarding costs for the business to hire machine operators. Isn’t it great?


CNC plasma machines are specially designed to handle all large-scale cuttings, manufacturing jobs, and custom fabrication art projects. With an automatic plasma machine, you will be able to cut and diverse shapes on demand without any pre-heating or cooling requirements.

Better results

The results of the CNC plasma tool are outstanding as compared to metal-against-metal cutting. It will not bring forth any kind of chip, however; archives a consistent edge. As long as the cut is done safely, there will be only limited errors.

If you are looking for an automatic plasma machine, Taiwan Plasma is here to offer you a plasma machine at the best price in India. We are a globally trusted brand in the field of Plasma cutting and welding. We have 33 years of experience in this industry and served thousands of customers without reliable products. With us, you will a premium quality product at the optimal price. Here’s are the features of a CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.

  • CNC Plasma cutting machine has an easy lubricating system for mechanism.
  • It has a Heavy structure frame and gantry supports are made from graded casting that sustains loads and vibrations during operating conditions.
  • Mechanism Is Made From En-31 Material And Coated To Reduce Wear And Tear.
  • Whole Body Will Be One Piece Fabricated And Machined On Plano Miller, Sand Blasted And Powder Coated.
  • All Well-Known International Brands’ Spare Parts Used To Achieve Long Life Stability, High Accuracy, And Best Performance.

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