Do you are aware of the fact that most of the website traffic begins with an ultimate online search?

Yes, most browsers use these online search engines to find what exactly they are looking for. Many people are present out there to look into the subject matter which you provide. You can give them the best products and services which they are looking for on the market.

All these things only seem beneficial to the business only when they can find you on the online platform. You only need to guide them in this regard. Search Engine Optimizations plays a major role in this concern. 

According to digital marketing agency Dubaioptimization of the webpage for the search engines can be done smoothly with the best SEO practices. Through this, the overall ranking can be increased, and it can become visible to the people. This article will further explain to you the best SEO practices that you need to follow to get an optimist search engine ranking, and you can reach several people. 

  1. Faster the loading time to make it better– A research held by Google in 2018 conveys that the faster the loading time of the webpage, the probability of the mobile visitor bouncing also increases. This study revealed that the mobile visitor bouncing rate increased by 103% when the webpage loading time increased to 10 seconds from 1 second.

  2. Write thorough content– you need to make your content more thorough in getting a better rank for more queries. There is no issue regarding the length of the content, but there must be some relevance to the subtopics which people are searching for.

  3. Target the topic in the wheelhouse – According to the digital marketing companies in Dubaithere is difficulty in ranking most of the competitive keywords as these are overruled by powerful brands. So it’s advised by them to use the keywords in your wheelhouse.

  4. Use the targeted keyword at least in the 3 places -Try to use the targeted keyword in 3 places like in the title tag, meta description, and also in the URL. This must be done to get a higher ranking in SERP. Try to insert the keyword naturally and properly rather than insert them forcefully.

  5. Optimize images– to get the page loaded faster, you need to optimize the image, and this way, the SEO also gets optimized. Long-tailed keywords also help in ranking. Don’t forget to use the alt tag, and it’s better to use the descriptive file name so that you can have a higher ranking.

  6. Make use of HTTPS– there is a lot of difference between HTTP and HTTPS. The single “S” at the end of HTTPS helps enhance security by encrypting the information sent between the server and the visitor. It is the most important ranking symbol.

  7. Targeted topic with the search traffic potential– take a wise decision for choosing the right keyword for which you wish to get ranked. Don’t waste your valuable time using the non-common keywords to get a better rank.

  8. Try to match the search intent– the latest Google algorithms suggest that this is the most relevant ranking factor. Try to focus more on the user search intent. Try to understand what customer is demanding and what kind of content they are looking for.

  9. Compelling title tag and Meta description– SEO Dubai is not only about optimizing but also about attracting clicks. This is the reason why you have to write attractive and enticing title tags and Meta descriptions. This helps you to get the right and required sales pitch.

  10. Internal links from relevant pages– try to incorporate the links from the pages on your website to another. This helps you to get a higher page rank. This plays a major role in the Google ranking algorithm and is one of the most important factors.

  11. More backlinks– this is the foundation of the Google ranking algorithm. Correlation is present between the organic traffic ad number of websites linking to the page.

  12. Use of short and descriptive URLs– Google always loves small URLs. So try to have a short URL rather than a larger URL which might intimidate the searchers. Try to deal with ugly URLs and fix them to make them shortened. 

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