Conduct SEO Audit of Your Website

SEO audit is a procedure to check if your website is working. Everyone wants to see his website on top of the search engine. But it is not an easy task. It requires so much effort and smart skills. SEO audit is the best solution for your problem. By following this, you can handle your competitors in the best way. For this, you have to address the issue exactly. And accordingly, you have to follow the suitable solution. This way, you can handle customers easily. But if you keep ignoring the issues, you will fail. SEO audits can help you a lot. But you have to work on it daily. Like, you have to work on technical SEO audits on daily basis.

In the same way, on-page and off-page audits also need proper attention. By doing so, it becomes easy to identify the issue. And keep improving mistakes. If you see some permanent error, you should plan it. So, that you get rid of it at once.

4 Guides For getting Assistance From SEO Audit Coursework Help

There are so many tips that can help you to conduct SEO audit in a better way. But still, if something is not clear to you. You can get assistance from the best coursework help services. Such services help you in finding solutions for your problems.  Almost every person uses YouTube for different purposes. It has solutions for almost everything. You can join some sessions or watch videos related to SEO audit. You can take YouTube as the best coursework help.

1. Website Crawling – Technical Audit

  • In a technical SEO Audit, you have to crawl the website before anything else. Crawling of website assist in the matters of front-end factors. If your website has duplicate content, it will show plagiarism. Also, it shows incomplete word count limit. And you can also see unlinked pages. Following are the steps to see website crawling.
  • Paste your URL and go to the search button. Click on the search button. Here you will see the sidebar. In that bar, there is an option of ‘site audit.’ Click on that and run the process. After its completion, you will come to the crawling page. In simple words, it tells you how Google perceives your content. After identifying the issue, it will be easy for you to work on the problem.

2. Perform Manual Search

By doing a Google search, you can see where do you rank? If your website does not appear, it means your website is still uncrawled. And then manual search assist you in identifying your worth in the market. Here, you can also get assistance from the best coursework help services to make your content user-friendly.

3. On-page SEO Audit

In on-page SEO Audit, you have to be very careful about the titles of your content. It must be relevant to your content. Same as title tags have a major role in on-page SEO Audit. Without ensuring both, you can secure a good ranking.

4. Key Factors of Technical SEO Audit

The following key factors have a major role in SEO audit.

  • Back-end factors
  • Front-end factors
  • Quality of links

In back-end factors, you have to see how the indexing is. Also, you have to make sure of good hosting. On the other hand, if we talk about the front-end factor, you have to see so many aspects. The quality of content must be high and good. Also, there should be a proper use of keywords. And you have to ensure the right use of metadata. To make your content good, you have to see how best coursework help services assist you.


In the same way, you have to ensure desktop and mobile versions of the search. You cannot achieve the highest point without making your website mobile-friendly. If you see the past record, it is clear that more than 90% of people use mobile for their searches. Google has added the algorithm for the mobile version website. You are actually reducing your number of visitors without using the mobile version. And you cannot secure a high Google ranking.

Final Thoughts

Every aspect of SEO audit has a key role in its good work. But first of all, you have to address technical SEO Audit.

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