Are you struggling to come up with a memorable name that will resonate with your audience? Worry no more as we will walk you through 4 processes of finding and choosing a catchy domain name either for a personal brand or a business website. But getting to that, let’s see why good names are so important.


Why Invest Time in Finding a Domain Name?

We can say a domain name is your website’s home address on the internet. If you were given a choice to choose a spot for your house location, wouldn’t you pick an “address” that is easy for visitors and loved ones to get to without getting lost on the way?


The same thing applies to choosing a domain name. You want to take your time to research a domain name address that’s easy to remember, meaning it must be catchy. It must also define and communicate your brand’s message. You don’t want to choose something that is easy to forget or doesn’t share a connection with your business.


Considering Search Engine Optimization (SEO), good domain names can also have an indirect impact on SEO. If you are an affiliate marketer, for example, a searcher reviewing the search results pages (SERPs) for a particular keyword may click on your result after seeing that the keyword is part of your domain name. In the searcher’s mind, you must be a specialist!


How do I find a Unique, Catchy Domain Name in 4 Steps

After considering two of the many benefits of finding the right domain name, let’s see ways to find unique website name ideas and choose the most catchy option.


Step #1: Focus on a Keyword

Decide on a key phrase that you want as part of your domain name. Make sure that this keyword relates to your product or service offering. If you’re running a personal brand,  it is actually fine to incorporate your name or initials into the domain name.


Think CLRSolutions as an excellent example. CLR is the CEO’s initials, and we added Solutions because that’s what we do. Parts of our solutions include web design, SEO marketing, and sales funnel design.


Step #2: Use a Domain Name Generator

The tip in the first section sounds simple in theory but can be challenging when you get practical. For example,  you may discover that almost all the good names have been registered.


To get lots of name ideas, use a domain name generator such as DomainWheel or BusinessNameGenerator to uncover ideas for your domain name.


The DomainWheel interface, for instance, looks like this.

After searching SEO on the domain generator page, it returned eight available .com TLD domain names. If you have an incorporated business, you may consider


You don’t have to stop there but may replace the first word All with your name or initials. You could end up having something like The key point here is getting tons of ideas.


  • As much as you can, avoid domain names with hyphens. Someone who registered the non-hyphenated version could be profiting from your marketing efforts if users forget to add the dash.
  • Stick to .com, .net, .info, .edu, and .org as possible as you can. While newer TLDs are okay, people tend to find the old extensions credible.


Step #3: Select From the Options

Using keywords coupled with a domain name generator tool will get you a number of domain name ideas. From these results, pick a name that is:

  • Concise and clear
  • Creative and memorable.
  • Easy to pronounce.


Step #4:  Register Your Domain Name:

The final stage of choosing a domain name is to register it. You can buy a domain name during hosting registration or separately via a dedicated domain buying platform. GoDaddy and Namecheap are excellent hosting and domain registrars.



It can take a good amount of time to research a perfect domain name but in the end, having a name that is catchy and easy to remember makes for the effort.


If you want to build a stunning and conversion-focused website with the best domain name for your company, feel free to contact our Web Design and Development company to assist you in developing a research-based WordPress creative website design that will increase traffic and conversions to your site.

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