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Generally, the person portrayed in the mugshot has engaged in some crime and was imprisoned before. Mugshots can leave a negative impact on your life, and they can even hinder your personal and professional life. Sometimes people neglect to safeguard their data from a third party over the internet.

Some states have legislation to seize the spreading of a mugshot. Though in many states, any record related to crime falls under public information that can be legally accessed by any person of the state. Due to this legal policy websites in this state do not require prior permission before posting the mugshot on the internet.

Mugshots are the way to make money for some people. They collect the mugshot from the official websites of the police or CBI and post them on commercial websites and take payments for wiping out those mugshots. Many people were imprisoned based on their mugshots and were proven innocent later.

If you want to remove mugshots from google then you can count the following points-

  • Reach website holder:- There are many ways to remove mugshots from google but initially, you should try to reach the webmaster of the website that has published the mugshots. You can count the contact page of the website for obtaining data regarding evacuating the mugshots from that particular website. If the contact page does not include any information about discarding the mugshot, then you can politely approach the webmaster to remove the mug shots from the website through email. Keep in mind not to express any kind of harsh tone or abusive word while writing an email to the Webmaster because removing the mugshot is still in the hands of the webmaster.
  • Contact Google:- Google has established its name as one of the most popular search engines. You can prefer to reach Google to suppress the search engine. Due to an unavoidable legal policy google can wipe out a particular search result based on individual requests. Google can discard certain information that is harmful to society. You should keep in mind that Google can suppress the results that are already in hands of the public. Your request to Google can suppress the search result but it will not delete the mugshot from the website where it was posted.
  • Switch to removal service:- Many agencies state that they have the power to remove the mugshots from a website. Though in reality, it is a money-making policy. This agency is directly or indirectly related to the website that has posted the mugshots, so they have the power to remove the mugshot from a particular website. They will not serve you free of cost. These agencies will charge you a handsome amount of money. Before you are ready to pay them keep in mind, that these agencies will remove the mugshot from a particular website and being a public information mugshot can be legally posted to any other website.

If you are not comfortable with any of these approaches, then you can proceed legally. You can file a petition in the court requesting the removal of a mugshot from a particular website.

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