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While working at CERN, Tim Berners-Lee decided to create a global text project in 1989, which was supposed to be worldwide, which later became known as the World Wide Web, that’s from where the emergence of web design started. Tim Berners Lee and Robert Calillaiu were the inventors of web designing.

Meaning of Web Design

To make it understand let’s go with the simplest example,  when you fill a form online through some portal, maybe a university, let’s suppose Mumbai University, so when you type Mumbai University on google and click on their website, it will take you to a page which is designed in such a manner so one can see things and links available on the site easily. The Design of the page where one finds the announcement date, application form, courses, etc., is called Web designing of that page. Digital marketing agency in Bhavnagar is getting professional with their work and building their own website where everything about them is on the site. Big companies, institutions, colleges, schools, etc., every commercial marketing building nowadays have their websites because it improves the value of the company as it creates a strong first impression, better google rankings, minimizes their Bounce Rate, brand consistency, and credibility values matters.

To construct a website or a web design, web Development Company in Bhavnagar, along with web developer built a web design for any company they are hired for, nation wise, monthly income of a web designer in India is around 3-4 L per annum, which is also a good response in IT sector. Make sure that the content you’re posting is relevant to the people you’re targeting. In other words, do not post content about your industry on a general platform. Post the content of interest to your specific audience, but try to branch out a little. Follow industry standards to make it easier for your followers to find you. Make sure that you have an active Facebook business page, and create one for every social network you do business with.

Designer tools to design have to be aesthetic like

  • Photoshop
  • Sketch
  • Interface design tool
  • User experience tool,

 All these tools affect the aesthetic of any design, whether that is print design, web design, product design. To build it, one should know the principles of foundation too, which includes that one should know the color, space, font and line arrangements, etc.

 Web designing can be linked to other areas such as graphic design, user experience, and multimedia arts but is more aptly seen from a technological standpoint. People’s everyday has taken a large part from the internet in their regular life   Internet has evolved itself and can’t go back, nor the people can imagine anything simpler than they have already seen on the internet from the web designing such as graphics, different styles of typography, background, videos, and music, now it’s very hard to imagine the internet without animation. Web designing has a crucial role nowadays.

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