Picking an educational methodology for your child in their initial years is as significant as any part of parenting. However, you need to be cautious before choosing a Montessori School for your child. The international school in Abu Dhabi offers multiple benefits for children starting their Montessori Education.

With so many different early years school options to choose from, as a parent, it can be difficult to know where your child will thrive. Many parents consider Montessori School at the international school Abu Dhabi but are not sure how the approach to learning towards Montessori education is different from other schools.

The Montessori education methodology has been exquisitely integrated into the curriculum at an international school in Abu Dhabi. The school has an exclusive approach of initial years of education that highlights child-led learning. By understanding the importance of the method, parents like this approach of education for their child, as choosing an academically solid, yet sustaining environment for their child is perhaps the most basic thing they’ll ever do as a parent.

Developed by the Italian physician and teacher Dr Maria Montessori, the methodology of Montessori education is based on various logical notes about how children learn as they develop from birth to adulthood.

The strategy was established on the conviction that a child’s illumination ought to be worked to propel all aspects of a child – academic, social, physical and emotional. The explanation for this conviction was on the grounds that every child has native abilities, aptitudes, and characteristics to accomplish their highest potential.

Another outstanding attribute of the Montessori process is that it underlines a learning environment customized to every child’s precise capacity and needs. This holistic strategy has made a monstrous change in the lives of many children since it is intended to grasp a child’s exceptional character by commending their own abilities.

In this method, children are not compared based on merit, they are valued for their uniqueness. Montessori education likewise accepts several styles and trails to learning. The technique also comprehends the way that every child’s early years learning journey is unique.

Here are a few ways in which a Montessori school education at the international school in Abu Dhabi will mould your child:

Independent Learning – Being totally mindful of the fact that every child is remarkable, there is no comparison between two youngsters. Every child is encouraged to thrive in his or her own interesting and unique way and is assisted to enhance their knowledge of the outside world.

This individual-centered learning helps the child with perceiving their abilities and understanding what happens around them. International school in Abu Dhabi encourages a child’s curiosity and passion for learning and this approach makes the child a self-coordinated learner who is excited and confident in their future.

Absorbing Minds – The initial six years of life are crucial for the advancement of a child as they set up a comprehension of themselves and their environmental elements.

The Montessori setting at the international school in Abu Dhabi helps children by providing them with learning knowledge that energizes their feeling of having a place, self-confidence, independence, fearlessness, etc.

With an emphasis on society and nature, the Montessori school curriculum is planned to incorporate fundamental subjects such as maths, reading, science and history.

Respecting Children – The center of the Montessori theory spins around firm respect for every child as an individual, and the extraordinary capabilities each of them brings to the classroom.

The Montessori approach expects that children learn in various ways. To help every child attain their individual potential, an international school in Abu Dhabi centers on fostering the whole child socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually.

Appropriate Development – The Montessori education is intended to meet the formative necessities of your child, allowing their learning to take place at the appropriate age.

In elementary school, this implies taking a bunch of work into consideration, improvement of a creative mind and moral awareness, extraordinary work and academic meticulousness throughout the day. It additionally gives individualized learning for every child on how to respect each child’s explicit requirements.

Involves a Wide Range of Learning Styles – The Montessori theory accepts that all children are born intelligent and every child’s learning style is just about as extraordinary as their character.


Considering this, an international school in Abu Dhabi gives a wide assortment of classroom settings and activities for every child’s specific interests. This ensures every child’s needs are being met, each one of them is engaged and challenged, and they foster more adaptable thinking strategies.


Montessori education by and large encourages children to encounter opportunities with child-directed work. This means you will not see a teacher at a Montessori school rushing at a task or putting time limitations on their exploration of a concept.

At the international school in Abu Dhabi, you will more likely get to see small groups of children dealing with various different activities simultaneously.

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