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Class 12 Maths NCERT book aid in the comprehension of all complicated concepts. Moreover, each topic is described in simple language and illustrated with graphs and related examples. Additionally, the Class 12  Maths Textbooks include illustrative examples and practise problems to help students better understand the concepts. Also, the NCERT Books are extensive and provide students with the best study resource available.

So, NCERT textbooks are broadly used in CBSE schools all over the country. Also, it is critical to have a detailed understanding of different topics when studying for CBSE Class 12 exams. Also, students who have thoroughly revised the NCERT Class 12 Maths Book Solutions and practised problems would be capable of answering all 1-mark, 2-mark, and other difficult questions with ease. Additionally, most of the questions come from NCERT books during the class 12 Board exams.

So, Vidya Setu gives you access to download the Class 12 Maths NCERT Books both in English & Hindi to help students better understand the complicated topics.

Class 12 Maths Curriculum

Time: 90 minutes
Max Marks: 40

No. Units Marks
I. Relations and Functions 08
II. Algebra 10
III. Calculus 17
V. Linear Programming 05
Total Theory 40
Internal Assessment 10
Grand Total 50

Term 2 Maths Marks Distribution

Time: 90 minutes
Max Marks: 40

So, here is the Term 2 Syllabus and marks distribution. Moreover, students can check the syllabus below to confirm the concepts under each of the chapters.

No. Units Marks
III. Calculus 18
IV. Vectors and Three-Dimensional Geometry 14
V. Probability 08
Total Theory 40
Internal Assessment 10
Grand Total 50

Class 12 Mathematics Books

Each chapter of the syllabus is thoroughly explained in the NCERT book for class 12 maths. Also, it includes an exercise-by-exercise solution for every topic and subtopic. Moreover, this type of solution helps students better understand each concept and enhance their problem-solving skills.

Also, for a greater understanding, download the class 12 maths Book PDF.

Also, there are 13 chapters in total in the NCERT maths 12 solutions, which cover essential concepts like Relations and Functions, Vector Algebra, Matrices, Applications of Derivatives, etc. Furthermore, these books can be used to prepare for other competitive examinations such as JEE, NEET, and others.

Moreover, there are various references for the Class 12 maths book, but NCERT is the best choice for anyone preparing for board examinations and other examinations.

To achieve high scores in board exams, students must complete all of the exercise questions from CBSE Books for Class 12. Also, they must solve the Class 12 board Previous Question Papers.

Also, it’s not uncommon for people to wonder why NCERT books are recommended over others. Additionally, here are some of the important reasons why NCERT books are treated differently.


The most significant selling point of these books is their authenticity. Moreover, the data and information described here have been verified and gathered from credible sources. As a result, if you follow NCERT books, your chances of studying and presenting inaccurate information in the examination are reduced.

In-Depth Knowledge

NCERT books are famous for their in-depth subject preparation of maths. Furthermore, they present a thorough examination of any topic, including all pertinent and conceivable facts. As a result, reading an NCERT book allows students to understand any subject thoroughly.

Easy Language

Another major benefit of the class 12 maths NCERT book is the ease with which it is written. Additionally, every student will benefit from the choice of language and text structure. As a result, they have a simple understanding of the subject.

Comprehensive Presentation

These books are extremely detailed. They cover all aspects of a subject and include numerous examples and exercises. Also, these exercises and illustrations help students grasp the concept better by simplifying the concepts. Furthermore, the use of graphs is another advantage of such books. Additionally, they further help streamline the theory for the students.

Complete Class 12 Maths Book With Online Class

For students in Class 12, mathematics is an important part, and students must learn the fundamentals of topics such as Sets and Functions, Calculus, and other topics. Students may become exhausted by the scope of the subject and teaching pace at the school. As a result, Vidya Setu’s CBSE Class 12 Online Classes students play a critical role and can help students clear their concepts. Also, students now recognize that online classes for class 12 maths NCERT book are the best option for helping them master this subject.

Vidya Setu is an excellent resource for students studying for their state board exams in the 12th grade. Moreover, we provide online math classes for students in class 12. Also, the instructors at Vidya Setu have years of working experience with 12th class students who want to thrive in the subject.

Our math classes also include the curriculum that the student must follow and crucial tips, techniques, and exam strategies. Also, students will learn to deal with the exam climate and time restraints by studying past exam papers and challenging questions. Additionally, math shortcuts are critical skills taught in the individualized live lessons. During the lesson, students can ask questions for clarification of their doubts. Additionally, Vidya Setu’s innovative 24/7 platform is evolving the academic performance of several students. Moreover, aspiring students and well-informed parents have acknowledged the efficiency and advantages of online maths classes and are reaping the benefits at the best prices.

So, Vidya Setu’s online live sessions are quite engaging and interactive, allowing students to understand the subject better.


The key to success in class 12 maths, according to Vidya Setu, is good preparation and a thorough understanding of the class 12 maths NCERT book. Moreover, one of the most important concerns for students in understanding the fundamentals. At Vidya Setu, we emphasize educating students to have a firm grasp of the concepts. Also, our modules are specifically designed to cover the complete mathematics curriculum for all 12th class students. Additionally, students have unlimited access to numerous study content. Moreover, they can also take regular mock tests to assess their preparation level. So, Join Class 12 Maths Online Classes today and start your preparation today.

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