High School in Japan

High school years are some of the best years in a student’s life. Students are at an age when their enthusiasm knows no bounds and their eagerness to learn is sky-high. At such a juncture, it is important to hold their hands and guide them through the labyrinth of information at their disposal. If left on their own, they might lose sight of their goals. This is where their high school comes into the picture.

An institution that guides its teenaged students by showing them the right way and encourages their efforts is the best place for them. The High School in Japan is, therefore, the ideal place as it focuses the spotlight on the cognitive, emotional, and spiritual growth of its students.

Take a look at these 4 reasons why learning at this high school in Japan is different from other schools.

  • Skill-based Learning:

The curriculum at this International School promotes skill-based learning. Academics are given importance, but equal weightage is given to acquiring talent through extracurricular activities. Inculcating values like kindness and solidarity are considered significant, too.

Students are encouraged to follow their passions through participation in various activities besides pursuing their academic goals.

  • Curriculum:

The High School in Japan offers the CBSE and the Ib diploma curricula for students after Grade 10. The CBSE curriculum helps by adding value to the academic development and progress of the students. And, the Ib Diploma encourages self-reflection in a digital setting. It helps transform them into global citizens, ready to face challenges in the real world.

Such a curriculum supports the development of their critical thinking skills and the overall development of their personality.

  • 21st Century Learning:

A leading International School, the high school in Japan provides a tech-savvy campus that boasts of the best digital facilities ideal for the future generation. With every aspect of life being digitized, schools must provide facilities that help students attend virtual classes, access information, and stay connected without missing out on any aspect of learning. 

  • Scholarships for deserving students:

This High School in Japan offers scholarships to its deserving students for affordable education through financial assistance.

  • The Hideki Yukawa Global Skills Scholarship recognizes and encourages talent in the digital space.
  • The Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship offers deserving students a chance to study at a campus of their choice and prepares them to become global citizens.
  • The Sadako Ogata Merit Cum Means Scholarship offers financial assistance to parents across financial spectrums.


When given the right guidance, opportunities, and facilities, high school students are inspired to follow their dreams and create an identity for themselves. With the support of a curriculum that focuses on academics, skill development, and self-reflection, it becomes easier for students to find their niche.

High school prepares students for their university education. And, the multi-framework skills-based curriculum helps them in choosing appropriate subjects at university. On the whole, it is a win-win situation for students as they have better prospects at the university level as well as in their future life.

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