Otis Lennon Test

For anyone who does not know what an Otis Lennon Test is, it is basically a group aptitude test for students studying in kindergarten to twelth standard. The main motive of the test is to examine both problem solving and reasoning skills present in the students. Unlike other traditional tests that examine what a particular person has already learned, these are the tests that are designed to find out intellectual ability, concentrating on problem solving and analytical skills instead of knowledge someone already possesses.

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Basic information about the test

Let us start from the format of the test. The otis lennon test basically makes use of nine to fifteen types of questions. These questions are divided into four different categories including quantitative, reasoning, nonverbal, verbal, and figural reasoning.

The total number of questions ranges from forty to seventy two questions. however, the questions vary from one grade level to another. The maximum time given to a student is about one and a half hours. All the students have to complete their test in this time period itself.

Now when it comes to preparing for the test, there are a number of things you can do. The very first step to follow is understanding the concept of the test. Once you know what precisely the format is, appearing for it won’t be daunting at all. Second, you can purchase a wipe clean early learning activity book and check out different exercises given for the same. Basically, these exercises give you an idea as to what exactly the test will be including. From different questions to their answers, you will come across it all.

Thirdly, you can search the internet for some basic information about the test. Once you come across the information, do not forget to make notes. These notes will be pretty useful to you and will help in the best way possible to appear for the test. Amidst all of this, the most important thing to do is not take stress and take immense sleep. Taking stress will leave you in a difficult situation. You might lose your calm and appearing for the test won’t sound like a great option. As experts, we would like to tell you that taking stress is not the right thing to do. Give yourself some time, watch television, listen to some relaxing music, and go out with your friends. Just because you have a test, it doesn’t mean you will leave all the good things you like to do. In addition to this, sleep on time. Your beauty sleep is of utmost importance and make sure you sleep properly before the test day.

The final thoughts

We hope this piece of information has been useful to you. In order to find more about the test, search the internet now. According to experts, the internet is a very useful source of information. From finding basic deets about the test to checking out the previous question papers, answers, and everything else, you will be able to come across all the required information here.

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