Choosing the right school board for your child directly impacts not only their studies but their future career too. A lot of parents are choosing IGCSE private schools in Kuala Lumpur for their kids due to this reason.

IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) offers a British curriculum adapted for an international program. It is a content-rich curriculum that prepares children between 14 to 16 years of age for future university studies across the globe.

If you are still considering whether to continue with the board your child is in or opt for IGCSE, here are ten reasons why IGCSE might be the perfect fit for your kid.

10 reasons why you should choose an IGCSE curriculum in a private school in Kuala Lumpur:

    Specially Designed Assessment System

The assessments designed for the IGCSE schools are focused on conceptual learning and help develop a higher order of thinking skills in the students.

The students highly benefit from this assessment system to cultivate their assessment skills and logical and creative thinking.

    Student-centric Curriculum

The curriculum of IGCSE is designed to accommodate students with different abilities and skills. It can cater to the needs of the advanced and highly abled students and help them further enhance their abilities. On the other hand, it also makes learning easy for academically challenged students. The teaching methodologies and practices at such IGCSE-affiliated private school in Kuala Lumpur are carefully designed to create a student-friendly learning environment.

    A Learner-Centric & Inquiry-based Approach

IGCSE schools pay importance to real-life experiences and explorations and allow the students to express themselves through the learning process. The kids are encouraged to ask questions. They are given a stimulating environment where they research their queries and help them better understand the world around them. Being curious is encouraged. They are asked to explore study material, brainstorm, discuss and share ideas.

    Freedom of Choice of Subjects

IGCSE private schools in Kuala Lumpur give the students the freedom to choose the subject of their interest instead of making all subjects mandatory. A plethora of subjects is offered to the students to choose from. Picking the subjects that interest them encourages the students to delve deeper into their chosen field. Their skills and knowledge are honed according to their scope and ability.

    Non-threatening Assessment Environment

The IGCSE curriculum employs a continuous assessment pattern to focus on the learner’s comprehension level and provide regular feedback for further improvement. This is a boon for kids with learning difficulties. It helps them focus and enhance their knowledge and skills of the subject they are interested in and are good at.

This assessment pattern helps the students reduce their academic stress and anxiety levels and increase their performance and confidence.

    Yearly Assessment

IGCSE schools conduct yearly assessments instead of having multiple exams over one academic year. This system helps the students whose first language is not English have a thorough understanding throughout the year and then demonstrate their learning in the yearly assessment. This also helps the students understand the whole syllabus instead of tackling subjects in parts.

    International Education Through Skill Development

IGCSE schools have uniformity in education across the globe. It focuses on skills development and creative thinking in the students.

The problem-solving skills that are encouraged in the students teach them to handle real-life challenges with confidence and ease. The collaborative learning process helps them to develop team spirit and leadership qualities.

    A Global Community

Since the IGCSE schools are international, the students have access to the global community of students and alumni across different branches of the school in different countries.

They learn to communicate and form empathy for people from all cultures, races and ethnicities. It prepares them for a future abroad where they will meet different people from different parts of the world.

    Recognized by International Colleges and Universities

Studying in an IGCSE school will open the doors to the best international universities across the world. If you are considering sending your kid abroad to a foreign university, the curriculum of the IGCSE board will help your child acquire the necessary skill set to get in tune with the academic challenges of an international university.

Recognized by Employers Across the Globe

Employers all over the world, including top companies, put a lot of value on the Cambridge IGCSE qualification. IGCSE pass-outs from private schools in Kuala Lumpur are popular picks amongst major conglomerates and Fortune500 companies.


By the time children are 14-15 years old, they and you as parents have a good idea of their strengths and weaknesses. Both of you are aware of their interests and inclinations. So the age of 14 to 16 years is the right time to pave the path for their future higher studies. Choosing one of the well-known international IGCSE schools like GIIS will help your child master the subjects of their choosing when still in school. The environment they learn in will make their transition to college or university learning easier. It will also give them a boost in their future studies.

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