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High School is the turning point of a child’s career. This is the time parents, as well as children, try to figure out which is the best suitable stream to opt for. A reputed international school in Singapore helps you make the decision in the best possible manner. Currently, pursuing high school in Singapore is turning out to be a good and fruitful life decision for both parents and children.

International schools are becoming popular rapidly and offering exclusive benefits to students. Currently, over 60 international schools in Singapore cater to the country’s fast-growing expatriate community. Students are being taken from around the world and provided curricula such as the British IGCSE curriculum leading up to the Cambridge A-Levels, the International Baccalaureate, and the Advanced Placement (AP) programme.

Singapore is being considered as a point of focus for international schools. In fact, from 2012 to 2016, there has been a tremendous increment in the number of students being enrolled.

However, there are many benefits to attending an international school in Singapore. Students can learn in a friendly environment where they can gather academic and cultural knowledge from many different countries around the world. They also gain valuable perception from living or being around other expat families of different nationalities and cultures.

International schools also put an emphasis on

  • Holistic development
  • Ensuring students learn life skills to equip them for a wide array of professional development opportunities internationally.

International School in Singapore

An overseas study has always been a dream of many children as well as parents. International schools in Singapore are considered to be providing a significant opportunity. Global Indian International School Singapore is one of the international schools that fulfils the clear criteria of many students as well as parents who want to study abroad.  Living abroad is not only fun, it broadens your perspective towards life. In life terms, you get to make new friends have new experiences to live and make plenty of memories.

Many students are opting to study in Singapore after class 10th. Foreign universities are the perfect way to better students’ success due to the best learning environment and opportunity to understand vibrant cultural values. With an abundance of academic excellence, a large variety of study programs, the use of the newest technologies, research possibilities, and gaining work experience in the field of study, students get a boost in their career opportunities.

International schools in Singapore are considered to be very good for modern education.  For those looking for the best international schools in Singapore, there are over 45 to choose from.

There are 36 IB schools, 18 British and 3 American schools in Singapore. Beyond that, you can find different languages such as French, Australian, Swiss, German, Dutch, Indian, Korean and Japanese. GIIS is among the top schools to choose from the list of international schools in Singapore.

It is advisable that before sending your children abroad to an international school in Singapore, parents should consider whether the education goals fit in with their child’s needs, personality, and learning style.

International Schools in Singapore provide a vast range of courses to choose from and the quality of education being provided is top-notch. The overall development of students and enhancement in the skills of problem-solving could be the main reason that more and more parents are opting for international schools in Singapore. Choose a school that offers numerous courses to choose from at a very affordable fee.

Advantages of High School in Singapore

There are different advantages of studying in a High School in Singapore

  1.     Prioritize education for Economic Development

High Schooling in Singapore plays an important role in the economic development of a country. The education reforms in Singapore are conducive to the environment and provide quality education to the children. This brings a tremendous change in the personality and overall development of a human being.

  1.     Teaching Specific Subjects and Problem-Solving Skills

When we talk about High schools in Singapore it has been seen that experienced teachers are being employed, so that children, as well as parents, are satisfied with the way teachers conduct classes.

Top schools have high quality and experienced teachers to make students comfortable and interested in the specified subjects. It is being considered that problem-solving is a must capability which each and every student should inculcate.

  1.     Parental Engagement

In Singapore, schools advise parents to play an important role in their children’s education. Moreover, all kids are considered to be equally smart. What this means is, for most Singaporean parents, the effort is more praised than inherited ‘smartness’.

Moreover, students are held accountable for their own success and strategic thinking with practical application. Thus, while parents may sign up their kids for extra classes outside the regular school hours or during holidays in Singapore, it’s entirely the child’s responsibility to succeed.

  1.     Education goals defined precisely

When we talk about international schools in Singapore, we assume that education goals are being set and defined for each and every student so that they can inculcate their problem-solving power so that the best outcome can be achieved. These goals promote a positive connection between the conceptualization and implementation of policies following the national education vision.

  1.     Differential learning methods

High Schools in Singapore motivate different methods of teaching to build up strong analytical skills among students. Teaching here is different from other places around the world. The methodology used in High School in Singapore is different but easy to understand and the implication is not complicated as parents fear.


Do consider all these factors while researching for a high school that meets your expectations as a parent and benefits your child in the long term as a student.

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