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If you’re wondering what are the topics covered in the verbal and quantitative reasoning sections of the GMAT, then you’re at the right place! This article will cover all the essential topics of the GMAT syllabus 2021 that you need to be familiar with to crack the test.

What is the GMAT and Why is it an Essential Criteria?

The GMAT is a globally conducted standardized test accepted by most business schools and universities. The GMAT is an essential criterion needed for business and management courses in top-tier universities. Therefore, to make it into these universities, you need a good score and to get one, you need to prepare for the exam thoroughly. To begin with, you need to be well aware of the GMAT syllabus. Besides, the GMAT syllabus 2021 is structured to test your ability to think critically and solve complex problems in the limited time allotted.

Let us understand the topics covered in the GMAT verbal and quant syllabus of the exam to get a better idea of what you’re supposed to prepare for.

GMAT Quantitative Reasoning Syllabus

The GMAT quantitative reasoning section tests your ability to apply concepts of mathematics to solve complex problems within the limited time provided. The quant section comprises 36 questions that need to be answered within 60 minutes. This section is scored on a scale of 6-51. While the GMAT quant syllabus includes three main broad topics – algebra, arithmetic, and geometry – these topics are further broken down into subtopics covered in the exam.

The following table consists of all the topics covered in the quant section of the GMAT:

GMAT Quant Topic Subtopics
Arithmetic Number properties
Power and roots
Multiples and factors
Set theory
Mixtures and allegations
Ratio and proportions
Descriptive Statistics
Set theory
Simple and compounded interest
Speed, distance, and time
Pipes, cisterns, and work time
Algebra Permutation and combination
Algebraic expressions and equations
Arithmetic and geometric progressions
Inequalities and basic statistics
Quadratic equations
Geometry Coordinate Geometry
Lines and angles
Rectangular solids and cylinders


GMAT Verbal Reasoning Syllabus

The verbal reasoning section of the GMAT tests how well you can read and comprehend given information, evaluate and analyze arguments and how proficient you are in the English language. There are three types of questions asked in this section – critical reasoning, sentence correction, and reading comprehension. The total number of questions comprises 36 questions and is scored on a scale of 6-51. Furthermore, the GMAT verbal reasoning section is timed at 60 minutes.

The table below depicts the topics covered in the GMAT verbal syllabus.

GMAT Verbal Reasoning Topics Subtopics
Sentence Correction Verb tense
Subject-verb agreement
Critical Reasoning Assumptions


Strengthen and weaken


You should know that the verbal and quant sections are the most important sections of the GMAT syllabus. The skills developed while preparing for the quant and verbal sections help in scoring well in the analytical writing and integrated reasoning sections of the test too. You can check out some  GMAT sample paper PDF to get a better idea of the structure of the exam and the types of questions asked.

Now that we have explained to you in detail the GMAT syllabus 2021 and the subtopics that make up the verbal and quant sections of the GMAT, you’re better positioned to structure your GMAT study plan.

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