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SET or Symbiosis International University organizes the symbiosis Entrance Test. It is one of the best gateways for those who want to enroll in undergraduate courses like Management, Economics, Mass Communication, Engineering, etc.

SET is undoubtedly one of the best options for aspiring candidates eager to expand their career opportunities. Usually, there were 150 questions, but now it is reduced to 60 questions. The time limit has also changed. Now the examinees have to finish their paper within 60 minutes.

SET exam involves an MCQ paper where each question has four options with one mark each. There is no negative marking for any incorrect answers. Last year, The Written Ability Test (WAT) was also included in the exam, where the examinees had to write an online essay. In this exam, the candidates get two topics from which they have to choose one and write an essay on it. The time limit for this exam is 30min in which the candidate has to write the essay.

What is the good score in SET BBA?

The SET exam comprises four sections, i.e., General English, Quantitative, General Awareness, and Analytical & Logical Reasoning. The sectional score is listed below.

General Awareness 16 Easy-moderate 11-12
Quantitative 16 Easy-moderate 10-12
General English 16 Easy 12-14
Analytical & Logical Reasoning 12 Easy-moderate 9-10

General English

The section contains one passage with three questions in it. The questions are related to the passage and, the answers are easily available in it. The main topic of this section is grammar-based questions and vocabulary. Fill in the blanks, vocabulary, tenses, adjective usage, opposite thought, etc., are the part of the question as well. Overall, this section is very easy to score. Students can score good marks in this section.

Qualitative aptitude

In 2020, the question of this section was dominated by Arithmetic. The question paper is mainly based on Profit, Loss, and Discount, Simple and Compound Interest, Time and Work, Time, Speed and Distance, Averages, etc. The level of difficulty of this section is between easy to moderate. This is because some problems need more time to solve. In this section, 10-12 score is considered as good marks.

General Awareness

The general awareness section consists of a variety of topics. This section is a mixture of current affairs and static GK. The current affairs section is no doubt easy. If someone prepares well, then he or she can do well in this section. The topic covers History, Geography, Awards, Organizations, personalities, etc. However, the static GK part is not so easy to score. Therefore, in this section, 10-12 score is considered as good marks.

Analytical and Logical Reasoning

This section cover topics like series, coding-decoding, blood relations, cause and effect, syllogisms, clocks and calendars, and even time and work. The level of difficulty of this section is between easy to moderate. Therefore, in this section, 9-10 score is considered as the good marks.

Overall score

The difficulty level of this exam varies from easy to moderate. Candidates get plenty of time to finish the paper on time. If you prepare well, then you can score good marks in this section. The overall score breakup of this exam is given below: –

Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Pune 38-40
Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Noida 34-36
Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Nagpur 30-32

How to prepare for SET exam?

Number of topics 4
Duration of the study 12 hours
A Recommended chapter per day 2 or 3
Number of previous questions solve per day 6
Number of chapters per week At least 7
Number of days to complete the syllabus 6months
Days for revision 3months
Last-minute Revision 10 days before the exam
Time to practice aptitude 5hours
Time for solving previous papers 3 to 4 hours

Tips to Prepare for SET exam

When appearing for the SET examination, it is vital to follow certain tips so that it becomes easy to clear the examination in one go. Here are some of the tips that you can follow.

Complete your syllabus 

Have a good knowledge of the SET Syllabus is undoubtedly important. The General English section consists of the topics Synonyms, Antonyms, Error Spotting, Prepositions, Vocabulary, fill in the blanks, Grammar, Analogy, Article, etc. However, Quantitative Section has topics like Percentage, Profit and Loss, Discount, Time and Work, Speed and Distance, Algebra, Probability, etc. The Logical Reasoning cover topics like Blood Relations, Ratio and Proportion, Assumptions, Venn Diagrams, Syllogisms, Arrangement, Coding and Decoding, and more. The General Awareness Section is a mixture of current affairs and static general knowledge.

Make a study plan

Candidates must have a study schedule to clear the SET BBA examination. It will help them to stay focused and won’t miss out any topic. You will understand the exam pattern in which they will know about their strength and weaknesses by self-analyzation. The candidates will have to focus on each section and will be able to manage the time accordingly.

Practice grammar and vocabulary

Reading newspapers regularly helps in making vocabulary strong. Practice the topics like Synonyms, Antonyms, Error Spotting, Prepositions, Vocabulary, fill in the blanks, Grammar, Analogy, Articles, etc., at BYJU’s Exam Prep to score good marks.

 Know your weakness and strength

Firstly, start covering the topics that are tough for you, and after finishing them, you can move towards the easy chapters. Secondly, while practicing the problems, you will come across many tricks and tips. These will help you to solve the problems efficiently, and within you will learn about time management. Thirdly, revise the basic concepts and calculations and write down a note of formulae and theorems to recall them.

Practice mock tests: –

Practice regularly SET mock tests at BYJU’s Exam Prep. This will help you to analyze your weaknesses and strengths. This will help you fix your time management and your skills to solve the problems in an effective way. This shows that within how much time you will be able to attempt all the questions.

Overall, it is true that SET is a moderate exam to crack. However, if you work hard and practice regularly, then you can ace the exam. Staying focused and concentrating on your studies, no doubt, will help you to ace the exam.

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