Which are the best Montessori preschools and international schools in Singapore?

Singapore is a city-state that is remarkable for its multi-dimensional, multicultural and multinational composition. That apart it is a global crossroads for international trade, commerce and industry. It is not surprising therefore to find that expat from all over the world work and live there along with their families.

Fortunately for them, Singapore is a first world country with some of the best infrastructure anywhere. That includes a slew of top-notch Montessori preschool and international schools in Singapore to which they can send their children.

Let us take a look at some of the leading Montessori preschools as well as international schools in Singapore-

Global Indian International School, Singapore

Founded in 2002, Global Indian International School or GIIS has grown to be not only one of the leading international schools but also a chain of globally recognized educational institutions that straddles continents.

Its popularity is on account of its stellar facilities and infrastructure as well as excellent teaching staff. It offers the best curricula available to students in the shape of the Global Montessori Plus, IGCSE, IB and the Indian CBSE programs.

Singapore American School

One of the most popular international schools in Singapore, it provides education to children ranging from the pre-nursery to grade 12 level. Founded way back in 1956, this school has grown into an institution among International schools in Singapore. Its success in providing a great education to its students is borne out by the fact that the school’s alumni have obtained admission in over 675 colleges and universities around the world.

Canadian International School

Providing world-class education from the kindergarten to secondary school level, the Canadian International School in Singapore is truly international in character and ambiance. This is reflected in its students and staff who hail from over seventy nationalities. The school is equipped and geared to help its students get ready to live with success in the 21st-century world.

Australian International School

This school is special because it’s the only school in the region that offers an education based on the Australian pattern of studies. They provide an education that is truly international in character and spirit. This is borne out by their curricula that incorporate the IB Primary Years Program (between preschool to year 5), Australian syllabus( years 6 to 8 ), IGCSE( years 9 and 10) and the High School Certificate or IB Diploma Program ( years 11 and 12).

Stamford American International School

This well known Singapore international school provides world-class education to children in the age group of 2 months to 18 years. The international character of the school is borne out by the fact that it comprises a community of over 75 nationalities. Its fantastic academic system is centered on the IB programs amalgamated with the redoubtable American Education standard.


Singapore is a nation that is marked by excellence. This is something that has rubbed on to all its institutions including schools. Receiving an education, especially in one of the international schools in Singapore is an enriching experience that helps shape a person’s character for life.

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