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When the pandemic happened, all the theaters and cinema halls closed due to preventive measures against COVID. The moviemakers have turned to stream sites to release the movies and reach a broad range of audiences. Most of us are working from home so have a lot of time to spend with our families. What’s better than watching movies together and enjoying your time? So, if you are gathering together or just chilling out alone, the movie you choose must be of interest to you, not a boring one. How do you find the movies worth watching? By seeing their movies rating and reviews right.

We at flicksbuddy provide you a platform where you can find trending movies list, discuss and share with your friends, you can even rate and review movies. We use the open-source database The Movie Database (TMDb) for all Movie details like titles, names, actors, directors, etc. Well, TMDb is powered by their community, and it’s more genuine than IMDb (Internet movie database). IMDb is based on simple numeric votes cast by users. But we are not certified by TMDb.

We have presented some good rated movies to add to your watchlist and watch during your relaxing time with your friends and family. Remember, we never upload any videos and movies here. We help you choose movies that are the right choice and worth watching for you.

Spiderman: No way home

The movie was released a few days ago in theaters, and it will be available on streaming sites after some time. It’s a power-pack action movie and another super adventure of MCU’s spiderman. And the review this movie is getting it’s a must-watch.

The Matrix Resurrections

The movie is exclusively available on HBO Max as it was released recently. It’s a fourth matrix movie and got a good review and movie rating after it’s released.

Don’t Look Up 

It is a science fiction and comedy film with a blockbuster cast. The movie will be available on streaming site-Netflix from Christmas Eve 24 December 2021. The reviews and audience reaction are amazing so, a must-watch again.

Red Notice

Well, again, an action heist movie with full entertainment. It is available on streaming sites and has very nice reviews, so add this to your watch list and enjoy it.

The Lighthouse

The movie is a horror drama available on streaming sites was released in 2019. The movie’s story is based on the real events of two Welsh lighthouse keepers. If you like horror and psychotic thriller movies, this movie is for you. The movie ratings are very good, and reviews say it’s worth watching the movie.

The Power of the dog

The movie was released this year and is available on online streaming sites. It is based on a 1967 novel by Thomas Savage with the same name. The movie is a bit violent but tells a beautiful story.

Single all the way

It’s a romantic comedy movie and will make you laugh, cry and scream throughout the whole movie. The review and ratings are amazing. Available on online streaming sites and recently released.

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