If you do not have a YouTube premium subscription, you cannot play YouTube videos in the background. You can’t even just hear the sound when the screen is locked. The best way to download your favorite music or podcast is to download an MP3 movie and listen to it later.

Natively allows you to Youtube to MP4 Converter version of video, and you can use some tools to extract MP3 files from YouTube videos.

Method 1: Convert YouTube Video Using Browser

This is the easiest way to convert your video to MP3 as it doesn’t require a third party app. The site “Easymp3converter” is a really good platform to convert your desired YouTube videos to audio files without any quality loss.

You can convert video to MP3 by following these simple steps using your browser.

First visit the Easymp3converter website and find the search box.

You need to paste the video link into the search box here.

Click the “Convert” button.

You will see several options for File Size and File Type. Click “Download” to select the desired file size.
Now turn on the sound and enjoy.

You can use it in any browser on any device, be it a computer, tablet or mobile phone. It’s simple, right?

Method 2: Using Tubemate

Do you have a long list of videos to convert? Using a browser may not be the best option. A dedicated application can make your job easier. If you are an iPhone user, the options may be different, for example: B. Video to Youtube to Mp3 Converter App or MyMp3 App.

For Android users, TubeMate Downloader is the best Youtube video to MP3 converter app.

Step 1. Open your browser, go to tubemate.net and select your download source.

Step 2. Click the download button and install the APK file.

Step 3: Download another “Video MP3 Converter” app from the Google Play Store. This app adds an extension to download MP3 files from YouTube videos.

Step 4: Now launch the Tubemate app, find your favorite movie you want to convert and download the mp3 file.
Step 5: In the bottom right corner, you will see a red download button. Tap the screen and select MP3 from the new screen that appears.

Step 6: You will now see a menu where you can select the output format you want to upload the video to.
Step 7: Select the “Audio (MP3, 128k)” option to download the video in MP3 format. Then press the red download button again to start downloading.

Step 8: Now accept all incoming pop-ups. Finally, the video will download.

Step 9: The audio file has been saved on the phone. You can open it and listen offline.

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