Korean popular music more commonly referred to as ‘K-pop’ has taken the world by storm. Some Korean music bands have made it to the top of the charts in their popularity. K-pop continues to grow and spread its roots throughout the world. Bands like BTS, SEVENTEEN, and Blackpink are among the most well-known Korean bands in the world.

Korean pop infuses the notes of traditional Korean music with elements of western hip hop, R&B, and electronic dance. K-pop debuted near the mid of the 1990s and since then, has dominated the world of music by creating several successful boy bands.  

By presenting some of the most inspiring, captivating, and uplifting tunes, K-pop boy bands have developed a strong fan base. Here, we have mentioned some of the best boy bands in K-pop everyone should listen to. 

  • BTS:

BTS is undoubtedly the most famous boy band in the Korean music industry. After their debut in 2013, the seven-member band has been successful in generating an army of fans and supporters. BTS was the first-ever Korean band that performed at the American Music Awards and won five consecutive No.1 rankings for their singles.  

Every music video of BTS gets millions of views on YouTube and other music platforms. The band has won the No.1 album ranking for four of their music albums. With strong vocals and quality rappers, the band continues to deliver exceptional hip-hop, pop, EDM, R&B as well as classic songs for their audiences.  



This South Korean boy band is composed of 13 members divided into three units. SEVENTEEN is considered as one of the leading K-pop bands due to its electronic dance music and excellent choreography. 


This boy group debuted in 2015 by releasing a single called “Adore U” alongside the first EP, 17 Carats. Just after that, they became the rookie group for fans and ended up winning some popular awards at the end of their debut year. The band released a total of 33 music videos, 21 singles, and 12 episodes. Today, they are one of the most-watched and loved bands in the industry. 



ENHYPEN is a relatively new boy band, consisting of seven members. The band came into existence as a result of a 2020 survival show produced in joint collaboration with CJ ENM and Hybe Corporation. This show was called I-Land and resulted in the formation of a band with Jungwon, Jay, Jake, Heesung, Sunoo, Sunghoon, and Ni-Ki.


ENHYPEN won four “Rookie of the Year” awards after their debut in 2020. All members of the group are ambassadors for Ami Paris. Some of their most popular videos include “Given-Taken”, “Tamed Dashed” and Drunk Dazed”, with over one million views. 



Bigbang is one of the best bands that was created in 2006 as a result of the television series called Bang Documentary. The band emerged as one of the biggest Kpop bands in the 2000s due to their R&B-inspired genres. However, members of this band started enlisting in the mandatory military service near 2017, which held it back a bit. 


After the release of two of the favorite band members Taeyang and Daesung from the military, the band made a comeback and crawled up the charts again. If you are a fan of this brand and want to buy big bang merchandise, head over to Official K pop Merchandise Online. 

  • TXT:


TXT is short for Tomorrow X Together, which is a famous Korean boy band that made its debut through an EP called “The Dream Chapter: Star”. The band started its journey in 2019 and made history through the most viewed music video a while later. 


The music of TXT is known to have a fairytale and dreamlike tune to it. It also amalgamates dark fantasy without straying from the true essence of their style. 


Whether you’re into K-pop or just love to explore culturally diverse and unique music, these bands are a must-try for you. In case you’re a die-hard fan and would like to buy some merchandise from a kpop store, Official Kpop Merchandise Online is a great option. Head over to our website to explore a variety of merchandise at affordable prices.


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