Pima cotton tee shirts

Buying clothes that are designed to last is one thing, but there is a lot you can do to make your other delicate pieces last longer than you would have expected. Sometimes you spend over your budget because you just loved an outfit so much. So, the last thing you would want is it getting worn out after a few washes. A lot of factors lead to wear and tear in clothes. First is, of course, it’s fabric, then it’s your wash care. 

People often have a doubt about does 100 cotton shrinks? Well, the fear of a t-shirt getting ruined totally depends on how you take care of it. Experts share some tips to take care of your clothes, especially your cotton tees. Don’t you agree that a cotton t-shirt is the most comfortable piece in your wardrobe?. It rests on the body like it’s not even there. It’s so lightweight and breezy that you can wear it all day and night in summer, and it won’t clog your sweat pores. If you have found that one perfect cotton T-shirt, you can follow a few care steps to extend its life. 

Wash less

Some people have a habit of washing their T-shirts after every use. But less is more in this case. When it comes to your laundry, that is undoubtedly sound advice. A 100 percent cotton T-Shirt should only be washed when absolutely necessary for maximum endurance and durability. Even though excellent cotton is durable, each wash stresses the natural fibers, causing your T-Shirt to age and fade more quickly. As a result, one of the most crucial strategies for extending the life of your favourite tee is to simply wash it less. Every wash has an environmental impact (both in terms of water and energy), and washing less can help you save water and minimize your carbon footprint. Laundry routines in Western nations are frequently based on habit (e.g., wash after every meal).

Prefer cold wash

Your Pima cotton tee shirts are not really friends with the heat. Heat can even make the cotton tee shrink if the water is too hot. Though the detergent works well in higher temperatures, it is very important to balance the temperature when washing a cotton cloth. You can wash a darker color cotton t-shirt in totally cold water, and your white shirt can be washed in not more than 30 to 0 degrees. 

Dry inside out

If you are drying the T-shirt in the sun, do it inside out. The sun can fade the color and the print of the tee. 

Treat it delicately

Cotton T-Shirts are very versatile, comfortable, and durable. But it is also true that it’s a delicate piece of clothing. Even on your most lazy days, don’t wash your Cotton T-shirt in a machine. You will feel that the fall of the fabric is never the same. 

Follow these wash and care tips to extend the life of your T-shirt.

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