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You should be careful to question your eye doctor about any features or add-ons that you don’t understand while picking out your prescription lenses. Picking out a pair of quality glasses like Maui Jim Luxury Eyeglasses is all about finding a pair that you can wear comfortably. We’ve put up a list of all of the various add-ons for lenses and ways to assess whether or not these functions are necessary.

Lenses with Photochromic Properties

Adults and children who spend considerable time outside benefit from photochromic glasses. In addition, they’re a good choice for those who are sensitive to light and do not want to switch between different types of frames.

Known as Transition Lenses, photochromic lenses are ideal for those who frequently need to switch between spectacles and sunglasses when they go outside. These lenses naturally darken when exposed to UV rays. You can protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays by wearing sunglasses.

Water-Repellent Coating

The hydrophobic surface layer of most premium anti-reflective coatings helps keep lenses clear and clean in wet or dirty environments. However, this feature can be added to ordinary prescription lenses. A hydrophobic coating creates a barrier against dust, water, and filth by adhering to the glass. With this coating, you can protect your windows against water and other unwanted liquids. As a result, this optical coating is an excellent choice for anyone who frequently engages in outdoor pursuits such as boating, camping, or hiking.

Apply an Antireflective type Coating

When driving at night, working on the internet, or reading during the day, wearing anti-reflective coated lenses can help you see better. Prescription lenses can benefit from the anti-reflective coating. As a result of reduced glare, many people report that their eyes are less strained during the day. More light can flow through the lens, which improves contrast and the overall quality of vision. Prescription lenses might benefit from an optical coating on the rear to reduce glare and reflections when the sun is directly behind you.

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Lenses with Polarized Filters

It doesn’t matter if you’re biking or jogging when you wear polarised lenses. Besides providing high-contrast vision and 100 percent UV protection, these glasses like Maui Jim Designer Sunglasses also reduce glare. These lenses are also great for daytime driving because they cut down on glare from the sun reflecting off the road. Polarized lenses are very useful for people who spend considerable time outdoors. They can also be worn indoors by persons with sensitive eyes, such as post-cataract surgery patients.

Lenses made of polycarbonate

This particular type of lens was first created in the 1970s for aerospace applications (such as astronaut visors and space shuttle windshields) and is designed to be exceptionally lightweight and impact-resistant. UV rays are completely blocked by these sunglasses, thus there is no need for additional UV coating. With their scratch and shatter resistance, Polycarbonate lenses are ideal for those who indulge in sports and vigorous activities, as well as those under the age of 18.


A new set of eyeglasses like Maui Jim eyeglasses can be a lot of fun for most people. You get to pick out new frames and you receive an updated, precise prescription. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, the process of selecting out new frames can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t comprehend all of the many options and features that come with new glasses.

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