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Are you looking for the best alternative to Bloomingdale’s Fur Vault? Then you have come to the right place. As of February 2021, Bloomingdale’s ceased selling real fur products and now only have fur-free garments and accessories. This change has left many customers and fur lovers reeling and in need of a fur supplier replacement.

Not to worry: we have found your saving grace so you don’t also have to lose your connection to high-quality, insulating, and stunning fur garments. In comes Maximilian. But why exactly should you use Maximilian to replace Bloomingdale’s Fur Vault? Let’s have a look at all the reasons to entrust them to provide you with your desirable fur.

Once Part of Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s

Maximilian was a part of Bloomingdale’s for 20 years, which makes it an established brand with decades of experience providing luxurious outerwear and professional services. They know Bloomingdale’s but they also know Macy’s, since the Fur Vault was Macy’s for 20 years.

This particular company has merged the Fur Vault with Maximilian’s unique style, inspiration, and innovation. For those who are already missing the days of their beloved Fur Vault, you won’t have to miss it any longer when you make the small change to Maximilian.

Handmade and Expert Craftsmanship

When you purchase anything that is made of real fur, you need to make sure that it is up to your standards of quality, longevity, and feel. With Maximilian, your expectations are met and then some. Each fur garment and accessory is handmade by experts who have plenty of experience doing what they do best.

Professional Care Services

Not only can you purchase your next favorite fur coat, jacket, or accessory with Maximilian, but you can also go through them to get the utmost quality professional care services that your stunning fur products deserve.

You can store your fur garments with Maximilian if you lack sufficient storage space and location for them as well. They have a professional storage provider, which you can utilize whether you have bought the garment from them or not!

Physical and Online Locations

Whether you are looking to go into a physical store or are only looking to make a purchase online, you have the best of both worlds at Maximilian. They have several locations across the country and are intent on opening many more in the very near future. Meanwhile, they have a website that is ideal for online fur shopping for anyone and everyone!

Variety of Styles, Options, and Furs

If you want to be able to browse a large catalog of options in order to best pique your interest and even inspire you, then Maximilian can certainly provide you with that. They have options for both men and women, but that’s not all.

Their fur products include coats, jackets, scarves, hats, gloves, handbags, and other accessories. They have options that are either fur-trimmed or 100% fur. They have options available from every favored fur option on the market: sable, fox, chinchilla, rabbit, beaver, shearling (from lamb), leather, mink, and more.

They also have numerous color options for their offerings, which increases their likelihood of satisfying nearly any preference, outfit, and taste. No matter what you are looking for, Maximilian has it– and of the highest quality, material, and attention to detail.

Are you ready to say “goodbye” to Bloomingdale’s Fur Vault and “hello” to Maximilian? Then head on over to Maximilian’s website to browse their wide assortment of authentic fur garments and accessories. If you have any questions about their offerings and services, call their customer service line at 800-TLC-FURS so they can help you complete your wardrobe with something truly marvelous!

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