Finding the right Whoelsale clothing can be tricky, whether your business is a specific eBay store, a general electronic or offline retailer. A good way to start your search for quality clothing is to use Internet search engines such as Google. This method is very fast and allows you to find many companies to research. eBay is also a good source of information.

Always make sure they are real companies by checking reviews, contacting companies directly and taking other steps such as checking low-cost orders from them, asking for quotes or offers, including prices, discounts and shipping terms. Also check the financial situation and performance of the supplier/wholesaler. If there are problems, it may be helpful to ask how they were resolved. Defensive and intransigent decisions, instead of quick and helpful results, show that it may not be worth doing business with the supplier.

To help you find quality clothing wholesalers, it’s helpful to know what separates the best from the rest. Remember that when dealing with any type of supplier, you should always keep in mind the prices, delivery times, service, payment terms, quality and extras they offer. The best wholesalers are not regular suppliers, but usually cover the following areas

Apparel wholesalers with more than 10 years of trading experience, known and respected in the fashion/retail world (family-owned businesses or companies – both are acceptable!)

A massive and constantly updated/expanding selection of clothing

From rare or unusual items to the most popular branded items, as well as many high profit items.

Excellent 24/7 customer service, experience in apparel retailing, advice on how to handle tough competition and how to manage and market online apparel stores are helpful. A willingness to provide affordable clothing or advice is also very helpful!

Wholesalers should be able to charge you as little money as possible, and their suppliers should be able to offer wholesalers low prices on products and shipping. Believe it or not, if your communication with wholesalers has been favorable and you have helped them make a reasonable amount of money, wholesalers have been known to help resellers when reseller customers make difficult demands on them! How to get a wholesale license for clothing

Ideally, wholesalers audit their suppliers before recommending/selling products to resellers. Better yet, create special audit teams that check delivery, overall product availability, after-sales service, etc.

Ideally, wholesalers offer a rating system for the suppliers they refer, with customer comments from their resellers. Retailers can then easily eliminate unscrupulous suppliers.

A professional dropshipping service that offers a number of relevant options,

Such as the current idea of “made-to-order” clothing/packaging/labeling/graphics – all determined by you as the retailer.

Excellent savings on bulk orders, e.g., up to 90% over standard wholesale prices

End-of-line apparel inventory, wholesale sales and discounts

An open invitation to stop by the wholesaler’s warehouse without notice at any time (during business hours) to ask questions, view products/showrooms and place orders. This often results in faster deliveries.

Products should come from a variety of sources, such as other wholesalers (transparency is important here!), manufacturers, liquidators and dropshippers.

Clothing should be easily shipped worldwide and suppliers should be represented all over the world.

A clothing wholesaler’s website should be effectively searchable by product, category, or company.

Wholesalers should be able to make sales with very little or no minimum order quantity. This is important because not everyone has the buying power of the big retail giants. The ability to partner with other retailers to get big discounts can be terrific.

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