Pimples are just like a nightmare that comes easily but takes a lot of time to disappear. There could be many reasons for getting pimples like eating oily, junk food, imbalance hormones, oily skin, etc But one can still manage to say bye-bye pimples by taking good care of health by switching to healthy yet nutritious food. Thus, if you are the one who is trying very hard to get rid of pimples, then read the article below to find a solution for the prevention of pimple marks- 

  1. No scars face wash- The first important step to consider in removing pimple marks from the face is using a gentle No Scars neem extract face wash for pimples. It will not only help in getting rid of pimples but improves the texture of the skin. It will be recommended to use the face wash both day and night for avoiding dust and other particles sitting on the face.
  2. Coconut oil- The second important way to get rid of pimple marks from the face is using coconut oil. It is a magical remedy and suits every skin type. You can use the oil directly over the scars both day and night and wash off your face in the morning for better results.
  3. Aloe vera gel- The oldest yet another magical remedy that could help with eliminating blemishes is the application of aloe vera gel. No matter how many stubborn marks you had on your face, aloe vera gel could help in getting rid of acne scars because of its antibacterial properties. To get better results, use aloe vera gel extract from the plant and apply it day and night in a skincare routine.
  4. Baking soda as a skin exfoliator- Baking soda is known as a skin exfoliator that removes the dead skin cells from the face and leaves a healthy glowy skin free from blemishes, scars. Thus, you can use baking soda mix with water and apply the paste to the affected area every day to get away from the problem of dark spots and clogged pores. 
  5. Lemon juice- Lemons are enriched with Vitamin C that helps in lightens and reducing the blemishes. You can squeeze the lemon juice and apply it directly with your hands or with a cotton pad over the scars once or twice a day to see better results.
  6. Olive oil- The other secret kitchen ingredient that helps in getting rid of scars is olive oil. It works as heaven on the skin because of its antioxidant properties. A few drops of olive oil should be applied to the affected area for 4-5 minutes till it absorbs completely. It works like a miracle on the skin

To conclude

Pimples are irritating and painful and nowadays many home remedies can help in removing stubborn pimple marks from the face with easy steps.

People with an issue of pimples should always start their skincare with a No Scars neem face wash, followed by the above-mentioned remedies to get radiant glowing skin free from blemishes, redness.

By Adam

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