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Curling hair is one of the most common methods of styling hair since it is so simple and elegant. It takes only a few minutes to curl your hair, whereas other styles may take hours. Curling your hair on a regular basis is actually very healthy for your hair because it does not damage or dry out the strands of your locks due to the fact that it involves very little heat.

Curling your hair can also add volume to your locks and give them a fuller appearance. Although curling hair is supposed to be extremely easy, some people may find it quite difficult because they are using the incorrect technique. You should use a heatless hair curler set to properly curl your hair. This article will teach you how to curl your hair without damaging it because it will give you the proper use of hair curlers.

Hair Curler As Per Hair Type

First of all, you need to know that there are several different types of heatless hair curlers available in the market. You can choose between buying a set or just one or two curlers as per your requirement and preference. The correct type of curlers for your hair type will reduce the chances of damaging it. So, curling wands are generally good for people with long and thick hair whereas hot rollers are preferable for short-haired girls.

Let Your Hair Dry 

So, many people have the misconception that if they use curlers on their wet or damp locks, it will help them achieve a much better effect. It may work in some cases but in most instances when you use curlers on damp hair, it can cause split ends. This is particularly true for those who have naturally wavy or curly hair and use curlers to make it straight. If you want to create a different hairstyle besides curls, then try blow-drying your locks first and curling them afterwards as this can prevent damage.

Non-Heating Appliances

So, there are some people out there who don’t like to use heat on their hair because of the damage it can cause. The best idea, in this case, would be to curl your hair with a heatless hair curler such as ribbon hair curlers rather than applying heat through curlers or any other device. You can get excellent results if you take damp hair and wrap them around two fingers of one hand while rotating them in a clockwise or a counter-clockwise motion. You should keep doing this until your hair is completely dry and you will see that the curls are much better than the ones created by curling tongs or curlers. This can be done to both thick and thin hair alike provided you use the right amount of water on them before wrapping your fingers around them.

Prep Your Hair Properly

Before you start with the curler, make sure that your hair is completely dry as otherwise, if it is still wet, then this will cause that your hair will curl differently and the style will turn out wonky. The trick is to use a thermal styling spray so as to protect your hair from getting damaged by heat. 3. Use a scrunchy: it might sound strange at first but this is one of the most important steps in curling your hair without causing damage to it. Use a scrunchie so as to protect your hair from the heat and curling iron, allowing you to curl your hair without damaging it. The benefit of such an accessory is that the area where you will be curling your hair will remain perfectly protected.

Curl Top Layer Of Hair

Since the top layer of our hair is made up mostly of dry strands this makes curling them much easier than curling the bottom layer of your hair. It is advised to curl the top layer as this helps you to have those perfect curls without damaging your hair. Also, you should invest in the right quality of curling appliances such as hair curler Canada to get the perfect curls. 

Use Bigger Sections

While we want those incredible curls, it is very important not to use small sections as such. The smaller they are the more heat you will be using and, therefore, the straighter your hair becomes. Try to use bigger sections so as to avoid this issue and curl your hair properly without damaging it. 5. Use a good quality curling iron: if you want to know how to curl your hair without damaging it, then you will need a good quality curling iron. This means that it takes longer for the heat to reach its maximum temperature and, therefore, less damage is done to your hair. Also, around three seconds more around each section of your hair is required so as to avoid such damage.

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