Economies are no longer bound by national borders, and international business is no longer the sole province of large corporations. In the modern business world, online commerce enables medium-sized and even small businesses to operate globally. Products assembled and sold in one country routinely require components sourced to others. Companies headquartered in one nation can employ customer support staff anywhere in the world. Supply chains crisscross our oceans, international trade restrictions become less rigid, and companies that want to compete have to keep up with it all.

One can do business across borders without a degree in international business, but people have realised that there are benefits to studying leadership, finance, marketing, information systems, and consumer relations in foreign markets. Today’s business environment is truly global and a great workplace for people with a thorough understanding of international business dynamics and strong intercultural and interpersonal skills.  Working across countries is a necessity for most firms today. This concerns not only senior managers, but employees at all levels that have to interact with international customers and suppliers, partners, or international colleagues.

Learners around the world have realized they can garner this knowledge and foster the ability to think internationally by enrolling in an international business (IMBA) program. This specialization has taught them more about how money, products, human resources, information, and demand flow across borders and the many ways cultural differences help or harm prospects in new markets. Thus, the Master of International Business Administration has become popular as it helps them to comprehend global economic and market trends, hone cross-cultural communication skills, and predict how international audiences will respond to advertising and products.

People who have achieved degrees in IMBA have progressed in many ways. Due to this degree, they are qualified to step into marketing, organizational strategy, finance, and management roles in companies. They have an edge when applying for jobs with multinational firms. No wonder this degree has gained so much popularity.

In fact, with globalization and increasing competition from MNCs and foreign competitors, all MBA’s today must be exposed to the global environment. Even domestic companies insist on candidates having knowledge of the international business scenario.

Some of the most common careers chosen are in international marketing, finance, global supply chain management, consulting, business development, imports/exports and international logistics. Moreover, by pursuing an MBA in international business, the starting salary unlocks a new level. Prospective learners are lured by the hefty salaries. 

The Online Master of International Business Administration (IMBA) program from UniAthena has attracted students from 48 countries across the world, a testimony to the popularity of the course. The program is designed in partnership with Guglielmo Marconi University (GMU), Rome, the first telematic university to be accredited by the Ministry of Education, Italy.

The Master of International Business Administration (IMBA) program is delivered as a mix of online video lectures, essential reading materials, especially curated reference materials and additional reading for those who wish to develop a richer understanding of the subject. The entire course is divided across modules built around a domain which can be completed in one to two months. Even though the program is completely online, Athena ensures that students get the necessary academic support through personal tutors who are assigned to every student.  The course duration is flexible, it can be completed earliest at 9 months and latest by 24 months. The program is self-paced and learner gets to choose when to complete the course at their convenience. Fees are affordable where you do not pay a lump sum at the beginning but pay as you go which means, you pay only for the modules that you learn.

Learners also get an Extended Diploma in International Business and Strategy issued by Scottish Qualifications Authority, UK and Certified Manager Certification issued by Chartered Management Institute, UK (optional).

The Master of International Business Administration from UniAthena helps in understanding and addressing the needs of international business markets and key business disciplines within a global context.

The world is focused on connectivity and trade, especially now since countries are attempting to bounce back from the economic chaos that the coronavirus pandemic created. So, now more than ever, the demand for international business experts has risen, and high demand means countless career opportunities.

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