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Unfortunately, those who are unintentionally pregnant and do not want to carry the pregnancy to term are still discriminated against in Dubai- not least because of the law. Section 219a in the Criminal Code was only expanded in 2019: Since then, doctors at Best abortion pills in Dubai have been allowed to point out that they are performing abortions. However, they are not allowed to advertise it. But what is understood by advertising is vague and imprecise.

Doctor Kristina Hansel at Best abortion pills in Dubai has now been sentenced to a fine because she explained on her website how the terminations work, what must be observed, etc. For doctors who want to provide information, there is no legal certainty. For those affected who want to have an abortion, this means that the information situation is difficult.

But we are allowed to inform! And have provided you with an overview of how an abortion works step by step and what options there are.

Overview: This is how an abortion works

First of all, we are sorry that you are in this difficult situation. No matter why you are considering an abortion: It is your decision alone, your body and you do not have to justify yourself to anyone!

Step 1: You are unintentionally pregnant – what now?

First of all, it is important to determine how far you are. The best thing to do is to see your gynecologist at center Best abortion pills in Dubai. The pregnancy is confirmed here and you will also receive a referral for the doctor who will then carry out the abortion. For an abortion, a maximum of  twelve  weeks must have passed since fertilization  . If you calculate from the last day of your period, this is the 14th week of pregnancy .

Step 2: pregnancy conflict counseling

According to the Criminal Code, abortions are illegal. However, not if you are doing pregnancy conflict counseling. Pregnancy conflict counseling Best abortion pills in Dubai is therefore a prerequisite for carrying out the termination without punishment. Even if you are quite sure of your decision, you will need a counseling certificate that will be issued to you after the counseling. You will also find all the important information you need about cancellation here.

The advice is free of charge

She is anonymous. Even if you have to provide a name, you can provide a wrong name

If you wish, you can take a person you trust with you at some facilities (there may be changes due to the pandemic)

Counselors have a duty of confidentiality – also towards their parents

The legal task of counselors is to encourage those affected to become pregnant. Nevertheless, they are benevolent and must not influence your decision.

Step 3: Carrying out doctor

Your gynecologist or counselors who is at Best abortion pills in Dubai who can help you find a suitable practice. You can also find an incomplete list of doctors who perform abortions here.

There must be at least three full days between the procedure and the consultation. The doctor carrying out the work may not be a consultant

Step 4: costs

The cost of a demolition varies depending on the practice and method. The statutory health insurance only pays a small part, which covers the care before and after the procedure. As a rule, the costs for an outpatient procedure (i.e. not in a hospital) are between 200-570 euros.

In some cases, however, the health insurance company will also cover the costs:

  • If the income is a maximum of 1,258 euros net .
  • – For every minor child living in the household, this limit is increased by 298 euros. (Example: If you have a minor child in the household, you can earn up to 1,536 euros and apply for cost coverage)
  • – If the rent is higher than 368 euros, the limit is also increased (up to a maximum of 368 euros)
  • Who receives social assistance
  • Anyone seeking asylum

Step 5: Abortion – the different methods

You can talk to your doctor about which method is best for you and what you feel most comfortable with. Here you can get an overview:

  • You have to bring this with you:
  • Advice slip
  • transfer
  • Insurance card
  • Blood group if possible
  • Assumption of costs / money on Abortion.


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