Welcome to Robust dental solutions. We have a team of experts who work with Robust development to make sure your needs are met. We give you the right tools and the most up-to-date technology to make you stand out in the dental field. Our main goal is to make sure that we deliver top-notch quality.

ADS Digital dentistry meets all of your expectations:

The best digital Dental Lab in China , with the most up-to-date technology, to make sure you and your patients are happy, and the best team techniques.

For example, robust dental solutions has all kinds of digital dentistry, like dental crown and bridge work and orthodontic work. They also have dental veneer work as well as dental implants milled in the dentist’s office. All of the products are made by professionals in a quality-controlled environment.

Highlighted Products:

Wax Up:

Waxing is an important technique for a successful and efficient cosmetic implantation or enhancement. Waxing up is a high-quality service provided by Robust Tooth Solutions for quick and easy dental repair. We at ADS manufacture wax moulds of patients and utilise them for implantations and corrections waxing of desired contours to be restored on dental moulds for assessment and execution of restorations; a wax duplicate copy or cast of a predetermined treatment plan Here at RobustDental Solutions, we have more leeway in terms of interpretation, therefore the patient’s expectations are more than likely to be satisfied. Our team is completely focused on meeting the patient’s expectations based on the prescription form’s instructions. Based on the patients’ directions, our team is responsible for determining the teeth position, slant, morphological structure, alignment, and occlusal design. Contact Aesthetic Dental Solutions if you want to experience a high-end, world-class patient satisfaction-oriented service.


Valplast is a pressure-injected resin with a unique physical thermoplastic nylon that is biocompatible. Valplast compressive with bending strength is provided by Robust dental solutions, and it will not disintegrate chemically when it comes into contact with microorganisms and the internal environment of your mouth.
We give you with acrylic foundation materials that are comfortable, easy to use, incredibly thin, and compress the bulk requirement for strength.
Nylon thermoplastic resin is used to make Valplast dentures. Dentures, in particular, are extremely flexible and light.
They are distinguished by inconspicuous claps that are surrounded by natural teeth. Durability, biocompatibility, stress relief, natural esthetician, and patient comfort are among of the advantages of valplast, according to Robust Dental Solutions.

Mouth Guard:

Robust Dental Solutions offers a wide choice of custom-made mouth guards that are tailored to each patient’s specific needs.
Soft night guards have been designed based on the correctness, prevention, and protection of applications of various thicknesses.
We offer the highest-quality mouth guards available, which are ideal for all mouth types, are intended for comfort and resistance, and are long-lasting.
Your teeth will be protected by a mouth guard, which will provide them with surrounding structures. Rather than reconstructing your teeth, choose to safeguard them from injury. Robust dental solutions provides personalised mouth guards for sports and teeth grinding.
Mouth guards are offered for both adults and children. Investing in a suitable mouth guard will help to lessen the chance of tooth harm. Concussions will also be avoided. ADS looks after your priceless smile on a budget. Your customers can also get top-of-the-line pressure laminated custom-fitted customised mouth guards from us. Contact us today and our team will meet your demands and objectives.


Robust Dental Solutions provides a veneer service in which a material is put on the surface of your teeth to preserve it from harm and give you a brilliant smile.
ADS fabricates veneers mostly out of composite and dental porcelain.
Cosmetic dentists will be the only ones who use prosthetic items like veneers. ADS provides high-quality veneers that are neither discoloured or damaged to all dentists. You can have a stunning grin makeover.
Our team pays close attention to every detail in order to provide you with a natural-looking veneer, from customising it to take into account the patient’s gender, surrounding teeth, and age, to applying the finishing touches.
For production, we use a fully digitalized facility with the most up-to-date processes. The teeth are permanently altered and shaped with durable dental treatments. A prosthodontist is present throughout the procedure.

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