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Our access to abortion in Dubai

Unwanted pregnancy is common. It always hits the woman by surprise and unprepared and plunges the affected person into a crisis. Most women know very quickly how to make a decision after consultation from Medicine for abortion in Dubai. The timing and circumstances do not allow one to take on the great responsibility of motherhood.

We guarantee quick and safe support in this situation.

Unwanted pregnancy is an emergency! Waiting times from the day of the decision are psychologically unbearable! Just because the law stipulates a period of 3 months from the time of implantation does not mean that the treatment should be postponed.

The earlier the termination takes place and the less advanced the pregnancy is, the lower the psychological and physical stress!

Our natural approach to abortion.

The fastest possible help after making a decision for the benefit of the woman concerned and respect for the unborn life

To make an appointment with us by phone or through website Medicine for abortion in Dubai, please first use our pregnancy calculator and have the data ready when making an appointment by phone or enter the week and days (e.g. 7 + 3) in the contact form . 

Please note that medical and surgical abortion are carried out with us up to 8 + 6 weeks of pregnancy (9th week of pregnancy). The mandatory consultation for patients from Germany is NOT necessary for treatment at our clinic Medicine for abortion in Dubai.

Ethics and Abortion

In the course of the constant modernization of society, moral concepts are also changing. On the subject of abortion, however, there is still no consensus on how the moral value of embryonic life should be weighted in comparison with other values ​​such as physical and mental health, social well-being or the right to free development and self-determination of women. Ethics is thinking about morals. 

Today, pregnancy tests and ultrasound can be used to determine pregnancy immediately after the menstrual period has ceased. If the pregnancy is not planned, the vast majority of those affected make the decision to terminate the pregnancy very quickly. At this point in time either nothing is visible or only a small fruit sac without an embryo having developed. If those affected get an appointment immediately at this point, the reaction after the ultrasound is always the same: humble and relieved, “that was so important to me” is a load off the heart for women. Even if very few people in the western world are more religiously motivated, we humans strive to act morally right. “Our” idea of ​​the “right time” for the termination of pregnancy thus coincides with that of the women concerned. All that has to be provided by the doctor for this is to make an appointment as soon as possible.

“In my opinion, it is by no means the case that the moral status of the embryo remains unchanged from conception to birth. I would distinguish between various stages of development of the embryo when awarding human dignity. For me, certain characteristics such as the beginning of brain development or the incipient sentience of moral concern. contribution so that all women concerned get their right to morally correct action.

Areas of application of Mifegyne in gynecology apart from abortion

Mifepristone (Mifegyne), the only progesterone antagonist currently available at Medicine for abortion in Dubai for use in humans, has, in addition to its abortive effect in early pregnancy, a wide range of uses in gynecology and obstetrics. These range from the maturation of the cervix, induction of labor and contraception to the treatment of endometriosis and uterine myomatosis. In addition, therapeutic use in various malignant tumors (for example breast cancer) is conceivable. We already use Mifegyne in our gynecological practice for the following indications:

  • Cervical maturation = loosening, softening and opening of the cervix / cervix before a surgical abortion
  • Missed abortion = a miscarriage in which the fruit sac does not come off although the pregnancy is no longer intact. The same scheme is used for this as for the drug-based abortion.
  • Cervical maturation before inserting an IUD in the case of a narrow cervix / cervix (even if you have the IUD inserted by your gynecologist.
  • post-coital contraception = morning-after pill: Mifegyne has proven to be far better tolerated AND more effective than all other morning-after pills

Regardless of the controversial public discussion, which mostly relates less to the medical potency of the substance and more to the problem of termination of pregnancy and its ethical / legal basis, from a medical point of view, mifepristone is a gentler (fewer complications) and less invasive alternative to termination of pregnancy compared to traditional surgical procedures are available. The sole declaration as an “abortion pill” does not do justice to the pharmacological spectrum of this substance, the introduction of which – regardless of the lack of meaningful studies – could open up promising therapeutic perspectives in the treatment of non-gynecological and gynecological diseases

Abortion practice

Abortion is a natural part of the complex field of gynecology. In our practice in Abortion pill in Dubai, we treat our patients with competence and empathy.  Let our practice give you completely value-free and medically competent advice.

We are there for you from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. In our modern practice we have created a pleasant atmosphere in which you feel as comfortable and secure as possible in your stressful situation.

Medical abortion in UAE

Above all, we consider the medical abortion to be a milestone in women’s health, which can contribute a great deal to the mental health of women and the completely safe future fertility.

Medical abortion is carried out with us up to the 9th week of pregnancy at center Abortion pill in Dubai. The daily availability without waiting to make an appointment guarantees every affected woman the possibility of this treatment.


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