The initial consultation can be a single session of 30 or 60 minutes, in addition to any other treatment that the patient may need. The positive thing about doing the search online before trying a physiotherapist is that you can read the real opinions of users who have already been to some of the therapeutic centers.

Osteopathy to heal

Another of the treatments available in an aesthetic center is osteopathy. It is a manual therapy focused on treating the body as a whole . This has a very specific purpose which is to try to bring the  동탄 출장마사지 to its ultimate balance.

Osteopathy’s mission is to manipulate the joints and bones to try to improve the health of the body

It will depend on the needs of each patient. For this there are different types of osteopathy, such as structural, visceral osteopathy or cranial osteopathy.

One of the basic pillars of osteopathy is based on the belief that all the systems and organisms of the body are interconnected .

In the Bucmi directory there is a specific section on osteopathy in which you can find the best osteopathy centers within each city, being able to easily locate osteopaths in Barcelona or in any other location.

As with conventional therapeutic treatments, in this case it is also possible to read and review the opinions of previous patients to learn about their stories and experiences related to the osteopathy services received in these establishments.

Traditional Chinese medicine

When talking about healing and millenary techniques, those that emerged in Chinese culture cannot be left out.

Acupuncture is one of them, whose origin dates back to traditional Chinese medicine. It consists of the stimulation of certain strategic points of the human body , and is achieved through the insertion of fine needles or the application of pressure points.

It is necessary that it be done with a professional expert in this technique so that it can really work and relieve headaches, migraines, chronic lower back pain, muscle contractures , neck or back discomfort and a wide variety of other muscular ailments.

Only the best therapists manage to improve the patient who suffers from any of the ills mentioned with this system . That is why finding professional acupuncture centers that guarantee a good application of this technique is complicated.


The acupuncture centers in Barcelona that Bucmi has in its directory are reliable and experts in natural therapies and services related to traditional Chinese medicine .

There are other therapeutic techniques, such as reiki, aromatherapy and alternative therapies that offer solutions for various bodily problems.

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