Massages are a relaxing and therapeutic experience. These treatments not only have effects on a physical level, but the mind also responds to the “human touch”, because during the massages we relax mind and body and also our energy increases.

The pace of life is faster every day and this affects our health and well-being. For this reason, Serenity Home proposes ten types of massages that, depending on the ailments suffered, can help us recover our well-being and face our day-to-day life with full mental and physical health.


Who is it for?: This type of massage is aimed at any type of person, but it is especially recommended for people under great work or personal pressure, with stress, anxiety, etc. Since the relaxing 마사지 is not an aggressive or invasive therapy, it has no contraindications.

What are its characteristics?

Relieves tension and achieves a relaxed state of mind.

What benefits does it provide?: The benefits are seen both physically and emotionally in the health of the person, it provides a relaxing sensation that dissipates tensions and worries.


Who is it for?: Especially aimed at people who, due to their day-to-day activities, accumulate tensions, which are reflected in the body and which ultimately cause pain, jerks or discomfort and if they are not attended to in time they can lead to chronic injuries. .

What are its characteristics?

It is used to relax the muscles and dissolve contractures. It is somewhat stronger than the relaxant, although it does not have to be painful.

What benefits does it provide?

Not only does it relieve pain and dissipate contractures, but it also has other health characteristics: it activates blood circulation, relaxes and helps you sleep well, relieves migraines and headaches, etc.


Who is it for?

Especially aimed at people who spend many hours on their feet, although it is suitable for any type of person

What are its characteristics?: According to reflexology, the feet are related to the health of the rest of the body and the different areas of the soles of the feet have a direct connection with the organs.

What benefits does it provide?: First of all, it provides relaxation. Creates a powerful relaxation effect in the body, which is perceived instantly.

It also helps us control anxiety and put it in a state that allows us to handle it. Relieves pain from standing, over-exercising, etc. It also improves blood pressure.





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