From a single pencil to an Aston Martin, labourers are the ones who are responsible for creating remarkable products. Sure, they probably are not the brains behind the inventions, but their job is much more difficult than just sitting in an air-conditioned room and thinking of something new. Anyhow, the problem is that such jobs come along with their own set of risks.

Labourers who work in the manufacturing industry are the most prone to falling victim to brutal workplace injuries and accidents. That is because jobs like pressing metal and forging steel are some of the riskiest jobs one can do in a factory. Furthermore, the atmosphere they work in is quite toxic. 

Nevertheless, if you work in such an environment and you do encounter any accident, keep in mind that you have the complete right to make a claim against your employer if you feel like this accident could have easily been avoided. We at HD Claims gives the labourers an opportunity to make Workplace Injury in Scotland

So, with that being said, let us talk about some of the most common injuries and accidents that can take place in such work environments. 

  • Overexertion 

As you probably know by now, working in factory environments requires extensive stamina and brute strength. Therefore, working too much can cause musculoskeletal disorders and result in frequent doctor appointments regarding muscle aches and pain in bones.

  • Consistent and Frequent Body Movements

 As the labourers are asked to repeat a single movement pattern repeatedly, they usually suffer from musculoskeletal pain and stiffness. Furthermore, it is a proven fact that if the human body is repeatedly carrying out the same movement, it causes that specific body part to lose stretchability. Eventually, the soft tissues will start to loosen up and tear apart.

Nevertheless, such a scenario can easily be avoided if you let your body get some rest. Take breaks every now and then. This will allow the body to heal and recover to its original self. However, the nature of a labourer’s job does not allow them to give their body some rest. 

As a result, it causes the already loosened tissues to endure more pressure. Hence that specific body part will deteriorate and can lead to serious medical problems like arthritis. 

  • Injuries Caused By The Movement Of The Body

As mentioned earlier, factory workers have it in their job description to operate heavy machinery throughout the day. This may not seem like a big deal but doing such actions can require the labour to work in severe body positions such as crawling, twisting, bending, and stretching. As a result, their muscle tears apart and their bones significantly lose their strength. 

  • Transportation Accidents

Industrial factories are known to carry out their procedures in bulk; which means that almost every day the factory imports and exports the raw materials and other related products. Obviously, transportation requires labourers to load and unload the vehicles and even though this job seems easy enough, trust us, this is the part where the workers get hurt the most.

Forklifts and other similar vehicles can also lose mobility and cause accidents. The employer must carry out regular inspections for such vehicles and ensure that not a single worker is at risk. 

  • Radioactivity and Exposure Of Toxic Chemicals

Manufacturing requires a lot of different chemicals and chemical reactions. Although this is a normal procedure, if the handler or the worker is not wearing proper equipment, they can be significantly prone to lung diseases and irreversible impact on their health. 

Such incidents only take place due to a lack of awareness from both parties. Not a lot of people are aware of the damage these chemicals can cause, and when the effect starts to take its course, it is too late.

Conclusive Thoughts

To sum things up, precaution is always better than cure. Therefore, if you think that your employer is showing negligence in such cases or that they are misusing you, you are always entitled to make a claim!

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