Are you a doctor and looking for long to expand your medical practice? Congratulations on your decision to provide the best healthcare services to your patients! 

But is the lack of funds not letting you take the step? Worry not! You can now apply for a professional loan from top lenders and get a considerable amount. Do you want to know how a loan for doctor can help you expand your medical practice?  Read on and explore more!

What is a professional loan for doctor?

A professional loan for doctor is a unique faculty made available online by known lenders to get instant finance. Using the same, you can get funds to expand your clinic and keep your medical practice on the right track. 

Based on your eligibility and other factors, it is possible to access a significant loan amount. 

Here’s how professional loans can help to expand your clinic 

  • A huge loan amount

The professional loan for doctors comes with a considerable amount. As per your eligibility and other aspects, you may get up to Rs.42 lakh. You can use the loan money to bring new equipment, hire new staff, and keep a higher cash flow amount. 

  • Quick processing 

Lenders are aware that you want to start using the loan amount at the earliest time possible. Hence, they process your loan for doctor application on priority. If you are the right candidate, you can get the loan approval within 24 hours*. 

  • Money in your bank accounts within 24 hours 

After receiving the loan approval, there is no more waiting for the sanctioned amount to reflect in your bank account. It gets credited within a 24 hours period.

  • Repay the loan over a flexible tenor

When you have just availed of the facility of the professional loan, renowned lenders don’t want you to start paying higher EMIs immediately. It is because doing that may not let you focus on taking the right steps to expand your new-look clinic. It is where it is possible to repay the loan for doctor over a flexible tenor between 12 months and 96 months. This way, you can pay smaller EMIs, and also keep your CIBIL score by never defaulting. 

  • The availability of the loan without any collateral 

Applying for a professional loan does not need you to pledge any collateral for approval. The loan facility is unsecured. If you have a robust CIBIL score and have paid EMIs timely with consistent doctor clinic history, you can get the approval. 

  • Unique Flexi feature 

The unique Flexi feature of a doctor loan helps you to lower your EMIs by up to 45%*. Yes, that’s possible! You can withdraw only a part of your sanctioned loan limit as per your needs and pay only the interest as the EMI. The rest of the amount is settled during the latter part of the tenor. This way, you can save on repayments of up to 45%*. 

What are you still waiting for? Give your dental practice the much-needed expansion that it deserves with a professional loan, and get going!                     

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