Liquid handling is one of the most frequently practiced methods in laboratories. If you choose the wrong type of tips, you would compromise the aspect of the precision and accuracy of a good, well-calibrated pipette. It depends on your experiment; if you make the wrong choice of tips, the result would be contamination. It means that you may waste your precious samples. Another possibility is the physical damage you can face in the form of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI). This post is related to filter tips used in Biomek i5 automated workstation (Roche, 2021). So, how do you know how to choose in each situation? Read this post carefully to choose the right tips.

1) Prefer high-quality Biomek pipette tips to ensure greater precision

Biomek tips are exclusively designed for use on Biomek liquid handlers. The aspects of precision and accuracy that tips provide are the first consideration that typically appears when choosing the tips. In the case of batch-to-batch validity in the tips’ shapes, the accuracy of your pipetting will be affected. And similarly, the tip does not fit appropriately in your pipette, and thus, they affect accuracy. If you find a problem in the pipette barrel and the tip seal, the correctness of the air drawn in will not be made. And thus, the dispensed volume will not be correct.

Ultimately, it brings us to the following question.

2) Which is the best – Universal or Specific pipette tips for Biomek?

Using universal tips is the best option. One of the prominent advantages of the universal tips is that you can use them with most of the micropipettes you can find in the market. The universal tips are designed so that they fit firmly and securely to the different diameters on the market. The tips with FlexFit technology (a patented technology ensuring a secure seal), for example, are flexible at the tip’s proximal end (closer to the barrel) (Biotix, 2016). This gives them a good fit with an extensive range of pipette types. If you need pipette tips, at MBPS INC, you can find the best universal pipette tips with the key features discussed below.

3) Advantages and Limitations of Tips with or without filter

The design of pipette tips for Biomek allows customers to use them when they need to pipet substances that could pollute their pipette or samples. And these pollutants can be impulsive and destructive chemicals.

Prevent contamination in Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) through filter tips

Filter pipette tips or aerosol filter tips have a filter that helps you by protecting pipettes from aerosols. In general, pipette tips are supplied sterilized in advance and devoid of DNases or RNases. It is advised to use filter tips in qPCR and other sensitive applications. The filter has the potential to prevent substances that contaminate by blocking the transfer of the sample to the pipette. In addition, it would be good if you make the addition of both positive and negative controls to your PCR.

4) Ergonomic tips

If you perform tasks repetitively, such as pipetting, joints can be damaged, and you can face repetitive use injuries. By considering this problem, ergonomic tips were designed that require lower insertion and expulsion forces. Thus, the risk of an associated problem, repetitive strain injury (RSI), is reduced. It means this function can be reinstated to normal. Ultimately, an ergonomic tip is exclusively designed for the correct installation of the pipette. (Lab Manager, 2010)

5) Low retention tips

Low retention is one of the most crucial factors to consider. These tips do precisely what its name suggests; they can retain low levels of fluid. You may see some liquid once it is dispensed if you are aware of or have ever considered a standard pipette tip. The potential of low retention tips is that they mitigate. Low retention tips can do it as they have a hydrophobic plastic additive that precludes liquid from keeping to the tips’ inside portion. (Thermo Fisher Scientific, 2016)


You achieve accurate and precise measurements when your pipette and tip work together. Tips have a large number of varieties that can be mindboggling. Using this guide provided by MBPS INC will assist you when it comes to choosing the right Biomek Tips for each application. This guide will help you obtain cleaner, more precise results.




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