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For many couples, the news of having a child is one of the most beautiful moments in their relationship. Occasionally, however, couples also choose to have an abortion said Abortion tablets in Dubai center. For example, you feel overwhelmed by the situation or you don’t really want a child together yet. The path to this decision as well as the decision itself can bring various challenges and conflict issues with it.

In this article we would like to show you when couples decide to have an abortion and what challenges and conflict issues can be associated with it. Finally, we explain why couples therapy can also be a suitable way to deal with ongoing disputes after an abortion.

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  • The decision to have an abortion
  • That is why abortion is fraught with conflict
  • Couple Therapy After An Abortion – The Chance For Your Relationship?
  • Our conclusion


The decision to have an abortion

For some, the decision to have an abortion and thus against the child is unimaginable. In fact, there can be a number of reasons for this decision. We would like to present these to you in more detail in this section.

Overstrained with the situation

If a woman finds out that she is pregnant, it can immediately trigger a lot of insecurities in her. Especially when you are still very young, you may not really know how to deal with the situation. It is possible that you are currently in a phase of life in which a child simply does not fit or does not want to become pregnant at all. As a result, doubts about childbirth grow bigger and bigger. If you feel overwhelmed by the situation, then sometimes as a couple you are more likely to opt for an abortion from Abortion tablets in Dubai. You would like to continue your life for the time being without any change.

Fear of a new phase in life

A birth always introduces a new phase of life in the relationship. This can be frightening because you don’t really know how to deal with it, especially at the beginning. Here, the security of the family environment can help to express fear and doubt and to overcome them. But if you don’t get security from outside or from your partner, then the birth and upbringing of your own child seems like an insurmountable hurdle. Abortion, then, is one way of avoiding this profound change.

Upbringing as an individual

Every now and then it happens that the partner leaves his girlfriend after the announcement of a pregnancy. He then also feels overwhelmed and does not know how to deal with the new situation. Escape from the situation is then the fastest way to avoid the inconsistent situation. In most cases, the woman left behind then feels left alone and does not know how to take care of a small child on her own. For them, termination of pregnancy by a expert at Abortion tablets in Dubai is a way to avoid existing fears and doubts.

Other reasons for an abortion

In addition to the causes already mentioned, there are of course many other reasons for an abortion. This can also include medical reasons, for example. Even if the pregnancy resulted from rape or sexual assault, women often choose not to have the child. It should be noted that termination of pregnancy is not an easy decision and can have psychological consequences at Abortion tablets in Dubai for the individual affected. 

That is why abortion is fraught with conflict

If a couple has decided to have an abortion, this can be a great relief at first, but it can also lead to discrepancies and conflicts in the couple’s relationship.

This situation occurs, for example, when one of the two wanted to have the child and the other person didn’t. One of them may then continue to mourn the child and the loss and simply cannot accept the decision. The other doesn’t understand why abortion is still such a big issue. There is a lack of understanding for one another on both sides. Such misunderstandings can also lead to conflicts and disputes in the couple relationship. These then revolve around the same topic over and over and even the smallest thing brings the conflict back to life.

Sometimes, in hindsight, a couple feels deeply regretful about having an abortion. The thought of the loss then comes with guilt and regret. If this grief – and possibly also the anger that has arisen – is not properly resolved, it can always be the trigger for an argument between partner and partner. This is because there is still an internal disagreement.

An abortion can also break a partnership. This is due to the various developments that take place after the abortion. With women in particular, it is a question of a newly developed or even increased low self-esteem and greater distrust of men. Feeling helpless and guilty can also be stressful for the relationship. If these unpleasant feelings and emotional injuries are not resolved, they can repeatedly trigger new conflicts between the two partners and thus lead the partnership into a spiral of conflict. For furthermore visit our health center Get abortion pills in Dubai.


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